Current Employment Opportunity

Water Supply Specialist
Environment and Energy
1200 "N" Street,  Lincoln NE
Full-time Permanent
$23.00 -  Hourly
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM -- Monday thru Friday

Under limited supervision, monitors, inspects and regulates public water supply systems to insure compliance with Federal and State regulations; investigates complaints on public water systems; participates in the review of new water systems during the development and construction process; trains water system owners and operators in operating and maintaining water supply systems; provides technical support to private and public entities; performs related work as assigned.

  • Conducts sanitary surveys and inspections of community and non-community public water systems to ensure compliance with State and federal safe drinking water regulations.
  • Provides on-site enforcement and gives guidance on violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act to public water supplies.
  • Provides informational assistance on technical matters to system operators and/or system owners on modifications necessary for water system compliance.
  • Investigates compliance complaints and/or complaints of possible health hazards of public water systems.
  • Attends public meetings to interpret and explain existing and new regulations and any compliance requirements to public water supply systems and local officials.
  • Conducts site surveys of proposed public water supply well sites to determine their suitability for proposed construction and presents information to engineering review staff regarding suitability of the site.
  • Oversees portions of the construction process of public water supply wells, storage facilities, distribution systems and water system facilities and assists with final inspections of the facilities.
  • Provides technical assistance to local boards of health, municipal officials, industrial officials, consulting engineers and the general public to alleviate environmental hazards and/or to eliminate health hazards.
  • Prepares technical reports.
  • Participates in developing coursework and instructing public water supply operators.
  • Attends public functions to promote safe drinking water and education of the public relating to public water systems.
  • Inspection of Waste Water facilities as assigned.

Sufficient education in hydraulic, engineering, mechanics, electricity, chemistry and biology as they apply to the operation of public water supply systems.  Experience in public water systems including work with water production, distribution, storage, and treatment facilities and work involving design, construction and operational phases of a system.  Certification as a water operator is desired.


Valid driver’s license or ability to provide independent transportation. Ability to occasionally travel overnight; Ability to lift 30 pounds; Ability to walk on uneven terrains and steep slopes to accomplish tasks, Ability to climb bend and stoop; Ability to work in outdoor extremes; Ability to maintain regular and reliable attendance.

Knowledge of:  the principles of hydrology, engineering, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, and biology as they apply to the operation and evaluation of public water supply systems to include source development, treatment, storage, delivery, and protection of drinking water; levels of chemical, biological and radiological contamination determined to have adverse effects on health.


Skill in:  public speaking; communicating with individuals and groups with varying technical backgrounds to collect and relay information; prioritizing workloads.  


Ability to:  learn, interpret and apply applicable federal, State and local laws and regulations pertaining to safe drinking water; read and understand plans and specifications; assess potential public health hazards; provide guidance and technical assistance to officials and operators; assemble and report findings; analyze a proposed drinking water facility size, system or design.

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