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Environmental Quality Compliance Specialist
Environment and Energy
1200 "N" Street,  Lincoln NE
Full-time Permanent
$19.61 -  Hourly
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM -- Monday thru Friday

Under general supervision, monitors environmental pollution sources and investigates environmental pollution problems in areas of water quality, air quality, and land quality. Activities of this classification include, planning, investigation, surveillance, monitoring, and enforcement applied to environmental quality. This is full-performance journey level work which includes responsibility for programs within the scope of section responsibilities.

• Entering the NPDES permitting, compliance and discharge information for approximately 620 facilities in the EPA Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS). Coordinates and leads NPDES discussions and updates for ICIS with EPA. Is the lead for working with EPA, permittees, and team members for implementation and management in accordance with electronic reporting rules. Reviews EPA Guidance Documents, and Memorandum, Federal Register notices, Federal and State Regulations, professional journals and trade magazines to keep abreast of emerging issues relevant to ICIS, electronic reporting, and compliance.

• Uses computer modeling techniques to interpret environmental quality data which is used to prepare correspondence relating to discharge permits and compliance/enforcement activities. Input, organize, analyze, and interpret data to draw conclusions, prepare reports, and write technical documents. Compiles data, performs basic statistical calculations, interprets results, and prepares scientific/technical reports.

• Observes the performance of source specific effluent analysis. Investigates potential sources of environmental pollution problems to determine the degree of compliance with environmental regulations, standards and laws. Conducts compliance monitoring to evaluate compliance of facility with water pollution, and hazardous waste laws, regulations and permits.

• Assists in the development of quality assurance procedures to test for various pollutants. Trains other employees. Monitors, water and land quality by gathering and interpreting data. Investigates obvious and/or potential sources of environmental pollution problems to determine the degree of compliance with environmental regulations, standards and laws.

• Assesses the performance of pollution control facilities through operation and maintenance inspections, and through evaluation of monitoring data. Conducts compliance monitoring to evaluate compliance of facilities with water pollution, regulations, and permits. Collects, water and other samples for testing and analysis. Investigates, evaluates, and responds to citizen complaints.

• Provides technical assistance and information in a specific program area to public and industrial officials, and to the general public to facilitate compliance with environmental standards, regulations and laws. Implements technical guidelines for pollution management programs. Attend and make presentations in conferences and meetings with general public, permittees, stakeholders and professionals to disseminate/communicate information concerning policy and programs.

• Initiates enforcement actions against facilities through data analysis, field investigations, collecting and organizing evidence, testifying as an expert witness and making recommendations of corrective action and monitoring compliance with follow-up inspections for violations of pollution control regulations, standards, and laws. Testifies in hearings as an expert witness to certify inspection observation, compliance monitoring interpretations and conclusions as required for legal actions.

• Prepares routine correspondence or technical reports relating to discharge permits, pretreatment permits, pollution control facilities, operation and maintenance inspections, and compliance/enforcement activities. Reviews compliance and discharge data and makes recommendations for preparation of permits and licenses waste water treatment facilities.


Post high school education with major coursework in biological, physical or environmental science plus one year of work experience in a related area such as ecology, geology, hydrology, wastewater treatment plant operation, etc. OR Five years work experience directly related to the field of environmental pollution control.


• Valid driver’s license or the ability to provide independent transportation

• Ability to travel with occasional overnights

• Ability to participate in the agency's medical monitoring program

• Ability to lift 30 pounds

• Ability to climb a 10 ft ladder

• Ability to climb, bend and stoop

• Ability to work in outdoor temperature extremes

• Ability to walk on uneven terrains and steep slopes to accomplish tasks

• Ability to maintain regular and reliable attendance.

Knowledge of: the principles of wastewater treatment and stormwater controls; biological, physical and chemical sciences; statistical and analytical methods; word processing, spreadsheet and database management computer software.

Skill in: communicating with individuals and groups with varying technical backgrounds to collect and relay information; listening to and understanding others; prioritizing workloads; using analytical judgment to make decisions; public speaking and providing presentations.

Ability to: learn and apply local, State and federal environmental laws, regulations and standards; learn, apply and uphold agency policies and procedures; establish and maintain effective working relationships with public and private officials and with the general public; read and interpret effluent discharge data; organize, analyze and interpret data to draw conclusions and prepare reports and technical papers; use computers and other tools for data storage and analysis.

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