Focus On Water
2017 Source Water Project Descriptions

Gordon – 2017-75462216
City of Gordon 2017 Well Decommissioning Project
The City will cap and decommission three municipal wells and demolish the corresponding well houses. Gordon and Upper Niobrara White NRD will host an education community forum to educate the community on source water protection and the functions of the municipal water system.

Syracuse – 2017-75462033
Syracuse Drinking Water Protection Management Plan
Develop a Drinking Water Protection Management Plan and groundwater model to delineate a new Wellhead Protection Area that encompasses a 50-yr Time-of-Travel paths. Complete a nitrate assessment by reviewing information on the screened intervals of private wells within a six mile radius of the City’s wellfield. A robust stakeholder and public involvement program will be developed in conjunction with the Drinking Water Protection Management Plan.

Wilber – 2017-75334092
City of Wilber Groundwater Quality Project
The City will continue their Nitrate Reduction Program efforts: spring fertilizer incentive, cover crops, agronomic soil samples, grid application, and groundwater sampling. The project will identify and better understand trends of nitrate in the groundwater by analyzing current and past data. The City’s Wellhead Protection Plan will be updated through the project.