NDEE understands that public service is a cornerstone of our mission as a state agency. NDEE offers a variety of assistance to help people understand and comply with state and federal environmental laws and regulations. Because there are many programs involved in providing assistance, NDEE’s Environmental Assistance Division can help you find the most appropriate service. Listed below are the kinds of assistance we provide, as well as some helpful resources and directories. Those looking specifically for financial assistance, such as grants and loans, should go to the Financial portion of this web site.

Inspection and Compliance Guidance
Starting Sept. 1, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy will use a Letter of Non-Compliance (LNC) to communicate when a facility is in violation of environmental regulations. In the past, the agency used different forms of correspondence, depending on the severity of the violation. By using a single tool, NDEE hopes to bring consistency, fairness, and transparency to the Return to Compliance (RTC) process.

Small Business & Public Assistance
Provides air, waste, and water environmental assistance to the regulated community and the public.

One-Stop Permit Assistance Program
(Part of the Small Business and Public Assistance Program listed above.) Helps those who may need permits evaluate what they may need to apply for and understand the application process.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator Certification Program
Well-trained and competent operators are an essential component to ensuring that Nebraska wastewater treatment plants are well run and protect the environment. Proper operation and maintenance programs can prolong the life span and sustainability of treatment facilities, protect the owner’s financial investment, help the owner meet permit requirements and protect public health and the environment.

Voluntary Cleanup Program
Provides state oversight and assistance to property owners, prospective buyers, developers, lending institutions, or others wishing to initiate voluntary environmental clean up activities.

Brownfields Assistance - Section 128(a) Assessments
Brownfield Assistance provides preliminary environmental assessments to determine if there is contamination on a property.

Wellhead Protection Program and Source Water Assessment Program
Both programs assist communities and other public water suppliers in preventing contamination of their water supplies.


Consultants' Directory
Listing of consultant/engineering firms organized by environmental services they provide

On-site (Septic and Lagoon) Directory
Listing of those who are certified to do on-site work for septic and private lagoon systems.

Recycling Directory
Listing of recyclers and the services they provide.

Waste Service Provider Directory
Listing of those who provide solid and hazardous waste services to businesses and Individuals.

Assistance Coordinators and Hotlines

Air Quality Permit Section

Waste Management Environmental Assistance Coordinator

Water Quality Program Assistance

Small Business & Public Assistance Program Coordinator

Agriculture Compliance Assistance

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