Focus On Environmental Assistance
Field Offices

The NDEQ Field Office Section is responsible for conducting compliance inspections, complaint investigations, environmental sampling, project management, and local compliance assistance for the agency's Air Quality, Waste Management and Water Quality Divisions. The number of inspections and other duties performed by field office staff is incorporated in the charts and graphs provided by other divisions in the previous chapters. There are 15 employees in six field offices around the state. The field offices enable the agency to provide the public with greater access to NDEQ staff, to provide more timely responses to citizens. Additionally, field offices help the entire Department develop a better understanding of local issues because NDEQ staff live and work in the local community.

One of NDEQ’s goals is to have a strong community presence and build relationships with the public and with local entities. This is accomplished in a number of different ways in the field offices. One way is by making personal one-on-one contacts with local governmental agencies that have mutual needs or responsibilities. Another way to establish a local presence is to participate on local task forces, boards of directors and emergency planning organizations. The feedback that the agency receives is that the NDEQ representatives who participate in these local organizations add depth and insight which is highly valued. Another way a local presence is established is by participating in environmental education events in their regions. Building a strong community presence helps NDEQ carry out the work of preserving the state’s natural resources and serving the citizens of Nebraska.