Heritage Disposal and Storage

Proposed Heritage Disposal Site: Review Committee Materials

The purpose of this web page is to provide information to a site review committee, and to the interested public, related to a proposal to locate a rotary kiln hazardous waste incinerator near Alda.

On April 21, 2016, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) received a Notice of Intent from Heritage Disposal and Storage to locate a hazardous waste incinerator at their current property located at 345 So. 80th Road, Alda. The site is on the Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant property west of Grand Island. Heritage intends to install the incinerator to dispose of Department of Defense smoke grenades and related materials.

Information contained on this page
This web page contains information related to the activities of the Site Review Committee, including information contained in a notebook that was provided to the committee. The PDFs at the bottom of this page include:
  • New – The Heritage Site Review Committee’s Final Report
  • An introductory explanation of the siting process by NDEQ Director Jim Macy,
  • A list of the Site Review Committee members and their backgrounds,
  • The Notice of Intent submitted by Heritage,
  • The final report of a previous Site Review Committee is included as an example of how that Site Review Committee conducted their activities. This is followed by the Nebraska statutes applicable to the Heritage Disposal and Storage Notice of Intent.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions summary.
  • Meeting agendas, presentations and other handouts.

For more information
Hard copies of the notebooks are available for review at the Grand Island Public Library, 211 N. Washington St., at the NDEQ Grand Island Field Office at 215 Kaufman Ave., Grand Island and at the NDEQ office in Lincoln, 1200 N St.
Materials will be updated periodically in the notebooks, and at this web site, http://deq.ne.gov/NDEQProg.nsf/OnWeb/Heritage.

Meeting Dates
Meetings were held at the Alda Community Center on April 25, May 24,June 21 and June 23. Meetings were held at the Grand Island Public Library on August 23 and Sept. 20. The committee’s final meeting was held in Alda on Oct. 12 (PDFs of the meeting agendas can be found below).

SizeFile Name
8,186 KB Site Review Committee Final Report.pdf
1,051 KB Packet introductory information.pdf
480 KB List of Committee Members and Bios.pdf
631 KB Notice of Intent updated.pdf
175 KB 04-25-16 agenda.pdf
129 KB SRC 04-25-16 Minutes - Approved.pdf
8,885 KB 1991 Report of Previous Committee.pdf
406 KB miscellaneous docs - flowchart map faq.pdf
383 KB 05-24-16 Agenda.pdf
503 KB Presentation 05-24-16.pdf
593 KB Hexachloroethane Smoke Info 05-24-16.pdf
53 KB 06-21-16 Agenda.pdf
38 KB SRC 06-21-16 Minutes - Approved.pdf
56 KB 06-23-16 Agenda.pdf
95 KB SRC 06-23-16 Minutes - Approved.pdf
790 KB Re alterative technologies Cease Fire.pdf
56 KB 07-19-16 Agenda.pdf
133 KB SRC 07-19-16 Minutes - Approved.pdf
383 KB NDEQ Presentation 7-19-16.pdf
120 KB Heritage Presentation 07-19-16.pdf
53 KB 08-23-16 Agenda.pdf
97 KB 08-23-16 Meeting Minutes .pdf
55 KB 09-20-16 Agenda.pdf
97 KB 09-20-16 Meeting Minutes.pdf
53 KB 10-12-16 Agenda.pdf
610 KB Heritage contract info.pdf
55 KB Letter to Editor.pdf
13 KB Heritage CMS summary.pdf
14 KB RCRA FA Overview.pdf