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NDEQ programs collect data through a variety of means, including groundwater and surface water sampling, ambient air quality monitoring, and reports submitted by regulated businesses and industries. These data are used extensively to support the department’s regulatory responsibilities and to an increasing extent are also available to provide the public with information regarding environmental quality, conditions, and concerns. The visual representation of data through mapping will continue to expand and increase in importance due to the extensive amount of data available, and the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of both data collection and mapping technology.

Interactive Mapping - Opens in New Tab

A web based mapping application providing a visual representation of facilities/entities the agency has an interest in or has had an interest in. Some limited information about the facility and the associated programs is available through this mapping application. Users may also view document images for some facility programs. The ability to view document images within the map server application is restricted to the most recent 500 images. If a message appears stating you need to narrow your search to view additional documents, please use the Request Public Records portion of the web site to enter a date range for desired documents.

Documents received or generated prior to April 2011 may NOT be available for viewing through the map server.

NOTE: There is an issue with displaying large document images at this time. We are working on a resolution. If you have a document not display, please call 402-471-3557 or email with information about the document.

If the search returns with no documents available, or if you need to access older documents, follow the instructions for Submit a Request for Information under the
Request Public Records portion of the web site.

General Information
Search Active Permitted Facilities -- (Opens in New Tab or Window)
This feature allows you to search for active permitted facilities in Nebraska. You can search by County, City, Permitting Program, Facility Name or Facility Address
Construction Stormwater
Most construction stormwater applications and related documents are now available online. The agency initiated an online process in November 2015. If you can’t find an item with the search, call 402-471-3557 or email for assistance.
LUST and Surface Spill Site Information
Recycling Directory
SARA Title III – downloadable files
This feature allows you to download TIER II information by county/state in a four file csv(data) format or a Cameo csv format.
Search for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Registered Systems, Certified Professionals, and Businesses. (Link Opens in New Tab)

Groundwater Data
Surface Water Data

Air Quality Data

Land & Waste Data

Information required to be submitted by businesses and industries
2013 Air Emissions Inventory Report Forms
SARA Title III - Community Right -To-Know
Discharge Monitoring Reports
Biennial Reports of Hazardous Waste