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Nonpoint Source Water Quality Grants (Section 319)

Under Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act, the federal government awards funds to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to provide financial assistance for the prevention and abatement of nonpoint source water pollution. (See related article, What Is Nonpoint Source Pollution?) This funding is passed through to units of government, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations, for projects that facilitate implementation of the state Nonpoint Source Management Plan.
Grant categories

Nonpoint Source Management Program provides Section 319 grants to local sponsors of eligible projects in the following five categories. Click on the categories below to learn the annual funding available, maximum amount awarded per grant, eligibility, matching requirements and other criteria.
Forms and Guidance:

The “Reporting Forms” link below provides an overview on all forms that need to be completed related to Section 319 projects. Although this guidance document is in PDF format, it is preferred that the individual forms be filled out in Word or Excel format and submitted electronically. Beneath the “Reporting Forms” link are links to the individual forms, in Word or Excel format.

Project Summaries
Below are summaries of large competitive nonpoint source projects funded through Section 319 in previous years:

Project year
(See attached file: FY2005.pdf)
SizeFile Name
70 KB FY2005.pdf