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Onsite Wastewater Program
(Septic Systems, Private Lagoons)

Drain field graveless chamber (picture)Onsite wastewater treatment systems include septic tanks, holding tanks, small lagoons, and other decentralized wastewater treatment systems not typically connected to a municipal wastewater treatment system.

The Nebraska Onsite Wastewater Program administers regulations meant to protect surface water and groundwater as well as public health and welfare through the use of standardized design requirements, the certification of onsite professionals, the review of plans for subdivision development and the permitting of systems that because of large size, handling of non-domestic wastes, or siting issues require a site specific evaluation. More information

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A dwelling or non-dwelling that generates wastewater must have an onsite wastewater treatment system that complies state regulations or be connected to a public sewer system or other wastewater works.
Prior to construction of a development area where an onsite wastewater treatment system is proposed on any lot less than three acres in size, the owner of the planned development area must submit an application for subdivision review.
Information relating to permits and “Authorization by Rule.”
Publications related to System Design and Installation requirements.
Any onsite wastewater treatment system that is constructed, reconstructed, altered, modified, or otherwise changed must be registered with the Department.
The Onsite Wastewater Credential portal is available for Certified Professionals to upload and view their Continuing Education and renew their certification. Anyone interested in becoming a certified professional is able to apply and pay for their exams on the portal.
Anyone doing work associated with onsite wastewater systems is required to be certified by the State of Nebraska.
A minimum of twelve (Department approved) professional development hours of continuing education are required during the two year certificate cycle for certificate renewal.
The Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Advisory Committee advises NDEE on proposed rules and regulations relating to the Onsite Act.

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Related Programs and Regulations

Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program
Any onsite wastewater system that receives wastes from more than 20 persons, or treats more than 1,000 gallons per day, or receives non-domestic wastewater, may be subject to Title 122 requirements for Class V underground injection wells.

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