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Superfund Program

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The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) became federal law in 1980. CERCLA established what has commonly become known as Superfund to deal with known or suspected contamination at inactive commercial/industrial/military facilities or so called "uncontrolled hazardous waste or abandoned sites." The nation's most contaminated sites are listed on the National Priorities List (NPL). Nebraska currently has thirteen sites on the National Priorities List. One site, the Waverly Groundwater Contamination Site, was deleted from the NPL on November 20, 2006 as the cleanup goals for the site have been achieved. Ten of the sites are in the cleanup phase; and three sites (Parkview Well Site in Grand Island, Garvey Elevator in Hastings, and West Highway 6 & 281 in Hastings) are relatively new to the National Priority List and are in either the site studies, remedy selected, or remedy design stages. Numerous other non-National Priorities List sites with known or suspected releases of hazardous substances exist in the state, but are not being addressed through the full Superfund process.

The investigation and remediation of contaminated sites are the primary responsibility of the EPA and other federal agencies. NDEQ participates in the Superfund process by serving as a technical support agency to the EPA and as the environmental representative for the State of Nebraska. Activities in the Superfund Program include: