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Leaking Underground Storage Tank and Surface Spill Site Information

The information available through the following search tool is updated daily. The database includes all petroleum-related releases reported to date. Information about non-petroleum releases is included up to July 1, 2010. For information about non-petroleum releases reported since that date, please contact Records Management.

Spill Site Information Search Tool (opens in a new tab or window)

Disclaimer for electronic reports

The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy is providing this information from its own database. The data, although not verified to be the most current or accurate for any specific site, is generally based on the contents of the physical documents in the files. You may contact Records Management at
(402) 471-3557 to make arrangements to view or to get a photocopy of the physical file.

Made available through:

Records Management
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
P. O. Box 98922
Lincoln NE 68509-8922

(402) 471-3557

Fax: (402) 471-2909

Search Tool Options
  • Known Petroleum Releases and Surface Spill Sites
  • Includes all petroleum releases to date
  • Includes non-petroleum releases reported prior to July 1, 2010
  • Searchable by facility information, incident type, and site status

  • Petroleum Closure Assessment Reports – closed clean, no investigation required
  • Searchable by facility information

  • Petroleum Releases Waiting for Investigation – Responsible Party lead (responsible party known and viable)
  • (Formerly known as Backlog List)
  • Ranked list of all sites, no search options

  • Petroleum Releases Waiting for Investigation – state lead (responsible party unknown or not viable)
  • (Formerly known as Priority List)
  • Ranked list of all sites, no search options

When results are returned, click on the row for more information. When available, a record may have document images available for review. These images are available by clicking the Document List button.