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LB1101 Solid Waste Management Study:
Background and Related Information

The purpose of this web page is to provide information relating to the Solid Waste Management Study that was specified in Legislative Bill 1101, passed in the 2016 Legislative Session.

Issues papers examine critical solid waste
management topics

As part of the examination of how solid waste management can be improved in Nebraska, the Solid Waste Advisory Committee appointed by Director Jim Macy asked Environmental Solutions and Design to prepare “Issue Papers” to examine critical waste management issues. The topics examined in the papers are: Recycling and Composting, Materials Management, Information, Grant Programs and Landfill Bans. The issues papers are compiled in one document at the bottom of the page,
titled “Issues Papers – 08-24-17.”.pdf

How to Submit Online Comments
NDEQ has created an electronic site where comments can be submitted electronically, public comments can be viewed, and documents related to the LB1101 Solid Waste Management Study can be viewed.
A link is provided below:

Link to Comments Page

LB1101, which was introduced by Senators Heath Mello, Ken Haar, Rick Kolowski and Ken Schilz, calls for a study that will examine the status of solid waste management programs operated by NDEQ, to help the agency evaluate ways to modernize and potentially revise those programs.

The study will examine:
  • Whether existing state programs regarding litter and waste reduction and recycling should be amended or merged;
  • The needs of recycling and composting programs, including the need for infrastructure development, operating standards, market development, coordinated public education, and incentives to increase recycling and composting;
  • Methods to partner with political subdivisions, and private and nonprofit organizations to most successfully address waste management issues;
  • Existing funding sources and possible new revenue sources at the state and local level to address existing and emerging solid waste management issues; and,
  • Revisions to existing grant programs to proactively address solid waste management issues.

LB1101 also specifies that NDEQ’s Director will appoint an advisory committee, and submit a report to the Legislature in December, 2017. A link to a PDF copy of LB1101 is located at the bottom of this page.

LB1101 Solid Waste Management Study Advisory Committee
An important facet in developing this study is the formation of the LB1101 Solid Waste Management Study Advisory Committee, which is comprised of individuals across the state representing organizations, political subdivisions and businesses. The nine-member panel was appointed by NDEQ Director Jim Macy in September, 2016.

Committee members include:
George Hoellen, President, T.O. Haas Tire, Lincoln; Jo Leyland, City Administrator for the City of Imperial; Lash Chaffin of the League of Nebraska Municipalities; Ed Sadler, City Manager of the City of Sidney; Kelley Danielson, District Manager of the Butler County Landfill; Jim Weber, president of Sandhills Plastics, Kearney; Danielle Easdale, Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grant Project Manager in Cass County; Rick Yoder, Chief Sustainability Officer at the University of Nebraska-Omaha; and Fred Hlava, retired Gordon City Manager.

For more information, please see the Sept. 29 news release.

Current Status
(Last Updated April 21, 2017) -- The Department has selected a consultant to prepare a study on solid waste programs as required by LB 1101. For more information, see April 21 NDEQ News item. The Advisory Committee has met twice, the first meeting was primarily for introduction and background purposes, the second meeting involved seeking advice from the Committee as to what should be included and emphasized in the Scope of Work that is included in the Request for Proposals (for more information, see Oct. 21, 2016 news release and Dec. 7, 2016 new release.)

NDEQ and the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services posted the Request for Proposals on January 18, 2017. Proposals were received through by 2 p.m. CST February 28, 2017.

Related materials
Below are materials related to the study, including a copy of LB1101.
SizeFile Name
61 KB LB1101.pdf
188 KB Agenda - 10-27-16 meeting.pdf
63 KB LB1101.pdf
46 KB 09-28-16 waste committee final.doc
188 KB LB1101 First meeting Agenda.pdf
245 KB LB 1101 Committee 1st meeting minutes.pdf
554 KB LB1101 First Meeting Presentation Jim Macy Joe Francis Dave Haldeman.pdf
454 KB Nebraska Scra Tire Grant Program History.pdf
92 KB LB1101 Committee List.docx
153 KB Nebraska Environmental Protection Act for LB 1101 Committee.docx
1,858 KB 03-Imperial - FinalReport.pdf
1,068 KB Final Report State of NE Waste Characterization STudy.pdf
14 KB MSW Map Numbers.docx
154 KB NE Map and list of Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Areas.pdf
83 KB solidwastefacs.jpg
236 KB Waste Facilities by type with contact info.pdf
24,391 KB Compiliation grant program press releases.pdf
65 KB LB 1101 2nd Committee Meeting Notes.pdf
352 KB Issue Papers V04 08-24-2017 RSC.PDF