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A List of TMDLs in Nebraska

Below is a listing of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) in Nebraska that have been finalized and approved by EPA, listed by location, county and date that the TMDL was finalized. Clicking on the Link at the bottom of this page will open a pdf version of the complete TMDL.

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This list was updated on August 2013

Location (county or stream segments)

Antelope Creek
June 2007
(See attached file: Antelope Creek TMDL_final-aug13 mod_.pdf)
Middle Creek - atrazine
June 2007
(See attached file: middle creek atrazine_final_.pdf)
Shell Creek - atrazine
June 2007
(See attached file: shell creek-atrazine_final_.pdf)
Big Blue - Atrazine & E.Coli
BB1-10000, BB1-10100, BB1-10800, BB1-10900, BB1-20000,
BB2-10000, BB2-20000, BB3-10000, BB3-10300, BB3-20000,
BB4-10000, BB4-20000, BB4-20800, BB4-40000
August 2013
(See attached file: Big Blue Atrazine & E. Coli TMDL Final.pdf)
Big Indian Lake
Gage County
September 2009
(See attached file: Big Indian.pdf)
Carter Lake
Iowa and Nebraska
June 2007
(See attached file: Carter Lake TMDL.pdf)
Elkhorn River Basin
EL1-10000, EL1-10900, EL1-20000, EL1-20100, EL3-20000,
EL4-10000, EL4-20000 and EL4-30000
September 2009
(See attached file: elkhorn stream tmdls.pdf)
Fremont 20
Dodge County
June 2007
(See attached file: Fremont 20 TMDL.pdf)
Fremont State Lakes
Dodge County
LP1-L0230, LP1-L0270, LP1-L0300 LP1-L0310, LP1-L0320, LP1-L0330 LP1-L0350, LP1-L0290
October 2012
(See attached file: Fremont State Lakes_Nutrients.pdf)
Holmes Lake
Lancaster County
June 2003
(See attached file: holmes lake tmdl.pdf)
Iron Horse Trail Lake
Pawnee County
December 2005
(See attached file: Ironhorse TMDL.pdf)
Johnson Lake
Gosper County
August 2004
(See attached file: johnson lake tmdl.pdf)
Kirkman’s Cove
Richardson County
September 2002
(See attached file: kirkmans cove tmdl.pdf)
Lake Ogallala
Keith County
June 2007
(See attached file: Lake Ogallala TMDL.pdf)
Little Blue River Basin
(E. coli)
Segments LB1-10000 and LB2-10000
February 2005
(See attached file: little blue E. coli.pdf)
Little Blue River (Atrazine/E.Coli)
Segments: LB1-10000, LB1-10200, LB2-10000, LB2-10100, LB2-20000 & LB2-30000
February 2013
(See attached file: Little Blue_AtrazineEcoli_TMDL_FINAL.pdf)
Loup River Basin (E. coli)
Segments LO1-10000, LO1-30000, LO1-30300, LO2-10000, LO2-11400, LO2-30000, LO2-40000, LO3-10000, LO3-50300, LO4-10000 and LO4-20000
December 2002
(See attached file: loupbasin E. coli TMDL.pdf)
Lower Platte Basin E.coli
Segments LP1-10000, LP1-20000, LP2-10000, LP2-1010, LP2-20000, LP2-20400, LP2-20500 and LP2-30000
June 2007
(See attached file: Lower Platte basin E. coli tmdl.pdf)
Middle Platte fecal coliform
Segments MP1-10000, MP1-20000, MP2-20000 and MP2-40000
April 2003
(See attached file: middle platte Fecal coliform TMDL.pdf)
Mud Creek - Atrazine/E Coli.
L04-10100, L04-10200
May 2012
(See attached file: MudCreek_AtrazineEcoli_TMDLs.pdf)
Nemaha Basin
NE1-10000, NE2-10000, NE2-10600, NE2-12100, NE2-12130, NE2-12200, NE2-12330, NE2-12500 and NE3-10000
June 2007
(See attached file: nemaha basin.pdf)
Niobrara E. coli
Segments NI2-10000, NI3-10000, NI3-12300, NI3-13000, NI3-13100, NI3-21900, NI3-22500 and NI4-10000
December 2005
(See attached file: Niobrara E. coli TMDL.pdf)
North Platte Basin – E. Coli
Segments NP1-10000 NP2-10000 NP2-10300 NP3-10100 NP3-10900 NP3-11700 NP3-12400 NP3-12600 NP3-13000 NP3-20000 NP3-30000 NP3-30600 NP3-50000
May 2012
(See attached file: NPBasin_E.Coli_TMDL.pdf)
Papillion Creek Watershed
Segments MT1-10100, MT1-10110, MT1-10111, MT1-10111.1, MT1-10120 and MT1-10200
September 2009
(See attached file: Papillion Creek.pdf)
Republican E. coli
Segments RE1-10000, RE1-20000, RE2-10000, RE3-10000 and RE3-20300
February 2005
(See attached file: Republican E. coli TMDL.pdf)
Standing Bear Lake
Douglas County
June 2003
(See attached file: standing bear tmdl.pdf)
Wagon Train Lake
Lancaster County
September 2002
(See attached file: Wagon Train TMDL.pdf)
White River E. coli
Segment WH1-20000
December 2005
(See attached file: white river E. coli.pdf)
Yankee Hill
Lancaster County
August 2002
(See attached file: Yankee Hill TMDL.pdf)
Zorinsky Lake
Douglas County
September 2002
(See attached file: Zorinsky Lake TMDL.pdf)
SizeFile Name
301 KB Antelope Creek TMDL_final-aug13 mod_.pdf
198 KB middle creek atrazine_final_.pdf
250 KB shell creek-atrazine_final_.pdf
3,475 KB Big Blue Atrazine & E. Coli TMDL Final.pdf
344 KB Big Indian.pdf
536 KB Carter Lake TMDL.pdf
575 KB elkhorn stream tmdls.pdf
121 KB Fremont 20 TMDL.pdf
672 KB Fremont State Lakes_Nutrients.pdf
421 KB holmes lake tmdl.pdf
347 KB Ironhorse TMDL.pdf
1,989 KB johnson lake tmdl.pdf
370 KB kirkmans cove tmdl.pdf
413 KB Lake Ogallala TMDL.pdf
453 KB little blue E. coli.pdf
1,739 KB Little Blue_AtrazineEcoli_TMDL_FINAL.pdf
523 KB loupbasin E. coli TMDL.pdf
390 KB Lower Platte basin E. coli tmdl.pdf
469 KB middle platte Fecal coliform TMDL.pdf
673 KB MudCreek_AtrazineEcoli_TMDLs.pdf
580 KB nemaha basin.pdf
406 KB Niobrara E. coli TMDL.pdf
2,306 KB NPBasin_E.Coli_TMDL.pdf
408 KB Papillion Creek.pdf
475 KB Republican E. coli TMDL.pdf
185 KB standing bear tmdl.pdf
383 KB Wagon Train TMDL.pdf
246 KB white river E. coli.pdf
532 KB Yankee Hill TMDL.pdf
608 KB Zorinsky Lake TMDL.pdf