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Underground Injection Control (UIC)

The Underground Injection Control Program (UIC) issues and reviews permits, conducts inspections, and performs compliance reviews for wells used to inject fluids into the subsurface.

The program must ensure that injection activities are in compliance with state and federal regulations, and that groundwater is protected from potential contamination sources. Injection wells are classified by activity, with most activity concentrating on Class I, II, III, and V wells.

Class II wells are associated with oil and gas production, and are regulated by the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. NDEE has authority over and manages Class I, III and V wells.

Class I wells are used to inject industrial and municipal wastewater below the lowermost underground source of drinking water. Four Class I injection wells currently operate within the state. Two of the Class I injection well permits are issued to Crow Butte Resources, Inc (near Crawford, NE). The other two Class I injection permits are issued to the City of McCook and Kugler Oil Company (Culbertson, NE).

Class III wells are used to inject fluids for the purpose of extracting minerals. The only Class III wells in the state are at the Crow Butte Resources, Inc. uranium facility near Crawford.

Class V wells are injection wells not included in the other specific classes, varying from septic system drainfield disposal to aquifer storage and recovery wells. The EQC adopted regulations in 2002, prohibiting the following types of Class V wells: agricultural drainage wells, untreated sewage waste disposal wells, cesspools, radioactive waste disposal wells, motor vehicle waste disposal wells, and abandoned drinking water wells used for disposal of waste. The Underground Injection Control Program is working to close these types of existing waste disposal systems..

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