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Federal Air Quality Regulatory Actions

The following tables list the actions the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken on air quality regulations in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The documents in .pdf format list all actions chronologically. The Excel files can be filtered according to the column headings. In addition, we have included a link to the document through the* website and provided additional links that may be helpful.

You can find more detailed information related to these actions on*. All regulatory actions are posted on this US government site and include all related rulemaking and docket items. To subscribe to the Federal Register Table of Contents LISTSERV electronic mailing list, go to* and select Online Mailing List Archives, FEDREGTOC-L, Join or leave the list (or change settings); then follow the instructions.

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2015 - 2009 Rules Updates

SizeFile Name
33 KB 2015 Rules Update 1.1.15-2.27.15.pdf
91 KB 2015 Rules Update 2.27.15.xls
186 KB 2014 Rules Update 8.31.14.pdf
134 KB 2014 Rules Update 8.31.14.xls
91 KB 2013 Rules Update 1.1.13 - 12.31.13.pdf
156 KB 2013 Rules Update 1.1.13 - 12.31.13.xls
240 KB 2012 Rules Update 1-1 through 12-31.pdf
231 KB 2012 Rules Update 1-1 through 12-31.xls
193 KB 2011 rules update 1-1 through 12-31.pdf
328 KB 2011 rules update-Jan 1-Dec 31.xls
134 KB 2010 Rules Update January - December.pdf
287 KB 2010 rules update.xls
139 KB 2009 Rules Update January - December.pdf
251 KB 2009 rules update.xls