Focus On Water Division
2016 Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Project Proposals
How to Register for an Account

To start the online grant application process, you must first register for an account. Please read all of the steps carefully

1. To use the online grant application, you must:
Have internet access, using one of the following internet browsers described at this link:

2. From your internet browser, go to the DEQ portal for registration and application authorization:‐LOGIN

3. You will be at the DEQ portal.
  1. To create a new userID – click on the Register Here under NEW USERS on the right side of the screen.
  2. If you have a userID – type in your User Name (userID) and password to verify your authorization to the application.
  3. If you need to reset your password – click on the Reset Password option.
  4. If you need to update other account information – click on the Update User Account Information.
  5. NOTE: If you have previously registered an account with the same email address you will receive the message below. If you would like to have the other usernames associated with the email address you entered, click Yes for this message.

4. After clicking on the Register Here option, you will be at the New Account Registration Page. You will need to complete all of the fields on this page. If you would like to view details on requirements for specific fields such as Username and Password, click the Field Requirements link. The following list will guide you through the fields you will need to complete:
  1. First Name – enter your first name.
  2. Last Name – enter your last name.
  3. Email Address – enter the email address that will be associated with this account and grant applications.
  4. Confirm Email – re‐enter the email address typed above.
  5. Username – Create a username for this account.
  6. Password – Create a password for this account.
PLEASE NOTE: the password must be at least eight characters and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one digit. Click the Field Requirements or Password Rules link for more information on password requirements.

g. Password Reminder Questions – You must select three password reminder questions, and supply an answer for each question. These questions will be used to authenticate your identify if you need to change your password or account information.

i. Select a security question from the drop‐down box.
ii. Type your answer in the Your Answer field. This field is not case sensitive.

5. Prior to completing your registration, please note or record your userID, security questions and answers. The Help Desk does not have access to this information and cannot reset passwords. This is a user responsibility.

6. To complete your registration, click Register Account.

7. After successfully creating an account, a message will appear stating that your account has been created, and that you are being redirected to the sign in page. If you do not see the sign in page within 10 seconds, click the link that says here.

8. You will be redirected/returned to the DEQ portal page.

9. Your account (userID) must be authorized to use the 319H – Nonpoint Source Pollution Program online application process. On the left side of the screen, enter your User Name (userID) and password and click the Login box.

10. The NDEQ PORTAL ACCESS screen will display. There may be more than one DEQ program listed. To the left of the 319H – Nonpoint Source Pollution Program application name is a box to enable access to the application. Click in the box to enable access and then click on the Update Access button.

11. Click on the DEQ program name “319H – Nonpoint Source Pollution Program” to start the application process. Please refer to the next section on “How to Login to the Online Application”.