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This section includes implementation tools and resources helpful for understanding the program and regulations. The Air Toxics 101 information will help the reader understand the basics of air toxics including: how they are formed; their environmental and health effects; the Clean Air Act requirements pertaining to toxics; and the basics of the regulations. Also included in this section are regulation summaries and links to valuable resources. These resources are pertinent for all the regulations within Part 63 and not specific to one regulation.

Air Toxics 101

General Toxics Information - What are air toxics, their environmental & health effects, exposure, community information, and emission reduction measures
Air Toxics Clean Air Act Overview – Discusses each subsection of Section 112 of the CAA pertaining to air toxics.
Air Toxics video clip from The Air DVD. This video clip explains how hazardous air pollutants are regulated and provides a basic overview of the regulations.

7.5 minutes; Video Size 21 MB

Title 129 – NE Air Quality Regulations
Air Toxics Regulation Summaries

NESHAP Rules and Source Categories
Revised 8/25/11
(See attached file: NESHAP Table Master.pdf)
EPA’s Air Toxic Website – Promulgated NESHAPs
EPA's Air Toxics Website for Area Source Regulations
EPA's Area Source Rule Information Table

Implementation Resources
EPA Region VII Air Toxics Contacts *

EPA’s Air Toxics Website *

EPA’s Technical Training*

EPA’s General Air Toxics Publications *

Tennessee University MACT Website *

Texas DEQ MACT Information*

Small Business Environmental Assistance Website *

EPA's Compliance Assistance Centers Web*

* This Page contains links to Non-NDEQ websites, these links will open in a New Tab or Window

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