The appropriate and timely cleanup of contamination has long served as a major component of NDEQ’s environmental efforts. The contamination may be recent, requiring an immediate response, or it may be decades old. Regardless, cleanup programs all have the same outcome as their focus: the protection of our ground water and surface water, and in some cases, air quality.

Release Assessment Program
Through the Release Assessment Program, NDEQ personnel provide technical and regulatory assistance to those responsible for spills, leaks and accidents that pose a hazard to either the environment or public health.

Investigation and Cleanup of Leaking Petroleum Sites
At sites where there has been some initial indication that there may be petroleum contamination, NDEQ becomes involved in determining whether more investigation and cleanup is required. The agency determines whether parties who caused the contamination are still available and financially capable of assuming responsibility.

Superfund Program
Superfund deals with known or suspected contamination at inactive commercial/industrial/military facilities or so called "uncontrolled hazardous waste or abandoned sites".

Voluntary Cleanup Program
The Nebraska Voluntary Cleanup Program allows the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) to review and oversee efforts by property owners, prospective buyers, developers, lending institutions, or others wishing to initiate voluntary environmental clean up activities.

Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program
Provides funding assistance to political subdivisions for the cleanup of solid waste disposed of along public roadways or ditches.

Asbestos Program
Information regarding the removal of Asbestos.