Focus On Water Division
2010 Source Water Protection Projects

Project Name: GIS/GPS Mapping and Well Cap Project
Project Sponsor: Village of Paxton
Award Amount: $7,786

  • Map Village of Paxton’s drinking water infrastructure using GIS/GPS.
  • Decommission an inactive drinking water well and deconstruct the dilapidated well house structure.
  • Mail residents informational brochure on nitrates and give tours of the wells and water storage facility to the local schools.

Project Name:
Source Water Protection Project
Project Sponsor: City of Wayne
Award Amount: $21,500

  • Develop a wellhead protection plan.
  • Establish a wellhead protection area ordinance.
  • Educate the community about drinking water protection by Test Your Well Night, town hall meetings and a community workshop.
  • Decommission abandoned wells.
  • Provide cost-share to farmers, within the wellhead protection area, for deep soil sampling as a means to manage fertilizer loading.