Focus On Water Division
2011 Source Water Proposed Descriptions

Clay Center
Protecting the Water

Collect/analyze irrigation/golf course wells for nitrates and minerals; Install security lights and fencing at the municipal well houses; Offer rebates for rain sensors, soil moisture sensor, and mulching blades; Conduct a lawn care seminar/demonstration activity in conjunction with UNL, the NRD and the local citizens.


GIS/GPS Mapping to Implement Source Water Protection

Map the City of Crawford's water and wastewater infrastructure using GIS/GPS. Update the City's wellhead protection plan and ordinance. Provide education to Crawford Water System customer base through informational fliers and student education.


The Time is Now to Protect Our Water

Decommission 4 wells within the City's Wellhead Protection Area; Install security doors and windows on the municipal well houses; Cleanout and remove two old outhouses within the 1000 foot area of the municipal wells, and present a lawn care seminar to local citizens, teaching proper watering and fertilization of lawns to protect groundwater supply.


Security Fencing & Information to Residents for Water Usage

Purchase security fencing for the well tower and a security door for the wellhouse. Also purchase a hydrant water meter and meters for use on the government buildings and at the fire hall.


Wellhead Protection and Source Water Protection Plan for City of Ord

Map the City of Ord's water and wastewater systems using GIS mapping system. Develop a Wellhead Protection Plan with a wellhead protection overlay ordinance


Source Water Protection

Purchase a GPS unit and develop a GIS map of the Village's water distribution system.