Focus On Water Division
2009 Source Water Protection Projects

Project Name: Implementing Source Water Protection in a Rural Wellhead Protection Area
Project Sponsor: Beatrice Board of Public Works
Award Amount: $13,000

  • Purchase GIS/GPS equipment and training to map Beatrice water department infrastructure and to map irrigation wells, ET gauges and soil monitors within the wellhead protection area.
  • Conduct agricultural producer education to utilize and remediated existing nitrate in the groundwater within the WHPA.
  • Provide cost share for 10 irrigation meters and 15 irrigation scheduling equipment (watermark sensors, soil probes, hand held and data loggers) within the WHPA.
  • Provide urban resident education to teach water conservation.

Project Name:
Training About Protecting the Source (TAPS)
Project Sponsor: The Groundwater Foundation
Award Amount: $14,147

  • Create a DVD manual (up to 75) with general source water protection information, thorough instructions for activities that demonstrate the effects of pollution on drinking water sources, and a video demonstration of each activity.
  • Provide at least 1 teacher workshops demonstrating the TAPS activities and other groundwataer education.
  • Demonstrate the TAPs activities to students in at least 3 events across the state.

Project Name:
Local Leader Education Series
Project Sponsor: The Groundwater Foundation
Award Amount: $9,933

  • Target education and information to Nebraska’s community leaders about source water and related information.
  • Present on a variety of source water-related topics at meetings, conferences, and other events of statewide membership organizations.
  • Provide information on the presentation topics for statewide newsletters and publications.
  • Utilizing the GF’s website, social networking presence, and webinars to further educate the targeted groups.
  • Utilizing social marketing materials to help reinforce the importance of source water protection in Nebraska communities.

Project Name:
Aquifer Conservation & Protection from Contamination in City of Seward WHPA
Project Sponsor: City of Seward Water Department
Award Amount: $5,543

  • Work directly with irrigators to conserve and protect aquifer water for City of Seward's drinking water.
  • Install two Evapotranspiration (ET) gauging stations with at least six soil moisture gauges.
  • Provide education via activities on the City of Seward website, newspaper articles, tours of the water plant.
  • Conduct a demonstration day to educate to area producers on the ET and moisture gauges.

Project Name:
Source Water Protection Education Campaign
Project Sponsor: Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Award Amount: $39,025

  • Develop and implement new interactive groundwater and drinking water protection educational exhibits.
  • Incorporate specific groundwater and source water education activities into 3 or 4 museum events or outreach presentations.

Project Name: Cash for Grass
Project Sponsor: Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District
Award Amount: $15,200

  • Promote water conservation by making buffalograss cost-effective and convenient. Fund 25 sod installations, and three free educational xeriscape workshops to promote water quality and conservation.

Project Name:
Village of Allen Source Water Protection Project South Creek Watershed
Project Sponsor: Village of Allen
Award Amount: $41,650

  • Update existing Wellhead Protection Plan.
  • Develop comprehensive strategy to protect the Village’s drinking water source.
  • Identify and decommission abandoned wells.
  • Provide a cost-share on deep soil sampling.
  • Determine nitrate concentrations through vadose zone soil sampling.
  • Sample groundwater nitrate concentrations in the wellhead protection area.
  • Educational components include a "Test Your Well" night, educational focus group, community workshop to discuss private well, and septics.

Project Name: Source Water Protection Swan Lake Recreation Area
Project Sponsor: Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District
Award Amount: $10,800

  • Improve water quality and quantity by updating and modifying the well and, secure the well equipment at SWAN 5 Recreation Area to ensure the public water supply is safe from tampering and pollutants.

Project Name:
Ground Water Protection Program
Project Sponsor: City of Hickman
Award Amount: $7,165

  • Purchase Adobe Publisher to make groundwater protection and conservation brochures for mailers and on the city website.
  • Purchase four Wellhead Protection Area signs for existing protection area.
  • Provide security fencing for the Olive Creek Road Well Field.