Focus On Water Division
2006 Source Water Protection Projects

Project Name: Implementing Source Water Protection in a Rural Wellhead
Project Sponsor:
City of Beatrice
Award Amount:
  • Organize a seminar specifically for agricultural producers in the wellhead protection area to educate them about how they can save money on nitrogen and remediate areas with high nitrate by using high nitrate groundwater for irrigation.
  • Organize a public education campaign in partnership with the Beatrice Daily Sun to inform Beatrice residents about how much water is being used during peak lawn irrigation months. The campaign will also encourage residents to limit lawn irrigation and inform them of a variety of water conservation practices.
  • Install an eight-foot tall security fence around each of the four well houses in the new farm wellfield.

Project Name:
Groundwater Guardian Green Sites
Project Sponsor:
The Groundwater Foundation
Award Amount:
  • Encourage and recognize Source Water Protection (SWP) practices by the golf industry.
  • Develop a check list/criteria-based approach for evaluating SWP best practices by golf courses.
  • Develop process for publicity, entry, and designation of golf courses as Groundwater Guardian Green Sites.
  • Design and package the Green Sites program for future pilot testing with 5-10 golf courses in SWP areas in Nebraska.
  • Expand to other recreational areas such as parks, athletic fields, and resort areas as well as industrial areas.

Project Name:
Source Water Protection, Education, & Conservation Project
Project Sponsor:
City of Stromsburg
Award Amount:
  • Install security fencing and lighting around the two well houses, plus the adjacent water tower and well power transformers.
  • Well abandonment.
  • A public education program which includes a Water Festival and sponsorship of candidates to the Youth Water Congress. Educational presentations plus brochures and handouts will also be used for public information needs.
  • Installation of the electronic water level transducers to allow the accurate and daily monitoring of water level drawdown on the source water supply.
  • Begin a conservation rebate program to provide monetary compensation and incentive for water conservation appliance installation including showerheads, toilets, washing machines, etc.

Project Name:
Source Water Protection Proposal for the Village of Pleasanton
Project Sponsor:
Village of Pleasanton
Award Amount:
  • Conduct public information on water conservation and source water protection.
  • Install security fencing, 2 motion detectors with lights and an emergency contact sign at water tower and well location.
  • Develop a water awareness program through the local school.

Project Name:
Source Water Protection Activities for Seven Community Water System Protection Areas in Lancaster, Cass and Seward Counties, Nebraska
Project Sponsor:
Lower Platte South NRD
Award Amount:
  • Install at least three long-term monitoring wells in each of seven community water systems in the NRD to develop a baseline of nitrate levels, a baseline for water levels, establish future monitoring points and provide additional aquifer information.