Focus On Water Division
2005 Source Water Protection Projects

Project Name: Source Water Protection and Conservation for the City of Arapahoe
Project Sponsor: City of Arapahoe
Award Amount: $20,320

  • Fencing the wellfield
  • Seeding the wellfield and surrounding area
  • Decommissioning of inactive wells
  • Development of educational materials

Project Name: Closure of Abandoned Wells
Project Sponsor: Village of Bee
Award Amount: $12,200

  • Close seven residential and one municipal well in the village of Bee

Project Name: Village of Bertrand's Source Water Grant
Project Sponsor: Village of Bertrand
Award Amount: $9,887

  • The village will obtain it’s own groundwater model to allow for more frequent use by Bertrand Community School, board presentations, and for public display in the city hall when not in use
  • Purchase a Hach colorimeter for use by the Bertrand high school for test-your-well events
  • Purchase a GPS unit for updating of the contaminant source inventory
  • Purchase automatic rain shut-off devices for residential irrigation systems
  • Purchase and install water meters to monitor water saving
  • Purchase bio-hazard spill kits

Project Name: Bloomfield's Education, Security, and Water Monitoring Project
Project Sponsor: Village of Bloomfield
Award Amount: $25,227
  • Install water meters on city hydrants, city buildings, and the football field
  • Install motion flood lights on the three water wells and water tower
  • Produce educational articles and make website improvements
  • Conduct a water festival to educate 5th grade students on water conservation
  • Purchase a Hach Colorimter, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and laptop computer for use by the Bloomfield Community School to begin a water quality testing program for interested parties in Bloomfield as well as local farmers with private wells

Project Name: Protecting & Conserving our Drinking Water for the Future
Project Sponsor: Village of Brady
Award Amount: $9,605
  • Fence the area around the water tower
  • Purchase two GPS monitors to inventory coordinates of potential ground water contaminants in the Wellhead Protection Area
  • Develop Wellhead Protection Brochures
  • Publish newspaper article outlining water saving tips and information on local water consumption patterns
  • Distribute sprinkler timers at the Village Offices along with water conservation tips

Project Name: Improving the Water Quality and Usage in Dwight
Project Sponsor: Village of Dwight
Award Amount: $13,333
  • Install fencing and motion lighting around both well sites
  • Develop educational materials that inform the residents in and around Dwight about how to maintain the quality of the Village’s water supply
  • Decommissioning of 30 abandoned wells within the Wellhead Protection Area

Project Name: Greenwood Municipal Water Protection Program
Project Sponsor: Village of Greenwood
Award Amount: $4,359
  • Fence the water tower
  • Install motion lighting at the water tower, wastewater treatment plant, and landfill site
  • Purchase Wellhead Protection Area signage.

Project Name: Holstein Water Quality and System Improvements
Project Sponsor: Village of Holstein
Award Amount: $48,650

  • Abandonment of old wells and cisterns
  • Install a drop-in transducer to display draw down on wells
  • Install security doors on both well houses
  • Distribute technical newsletters and informative fliers.

Project Name: Improve Quality and Quantity of Smithfield Water
Project Sponsor: Village of Smithfield
Award Amount: $14,140

  • Conduct a Contaminant Source Inventory within the Wellhead Protection Area using GPS units to mark the location of potential contaminants
  • Offer rebates to homeowners to have their septic systems inspected and pumped by a certified septic system contractor
  • Offer a rebate for households to buy and install water saving toilets, showerheads, and/or other household appliances to conserve water
  • Install fencing and motion lighting around the well house
  • Develop a newsletter and education brochures for distribution

Project Name: Cash for Grass
Project Sponsor: South Platte Natural Resources District
Award Amount: $18,750
  • Enroll at least 30 homeowners across the district and convert at least 30,000 square feet of lawn to water conserving landscapes
  • Publicize results of the program on the South Platte NRD website and in newspaper and radio news articles sent to media in the district

  • Project Name: Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products in Source Water
    Project Sponsor: The Groundwater Foundation
    Award Amount: $20,075
    • Research and develop Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) materials to add to the health department’s resource manuals
    • Host a training event/seminar similar featuring the available research on PPCPs in Nebraska
    • Develop and produce PPCP public education and awareness tools
    • Provide written suggestions to local health departments and their partners on how to conduct a PPCP collection event and/or incorporate PPCP collection into their existing household hazardous waste collection events