Focus On Water Division
2004 Source Water Protection Projects

Project Name: Crawford, NE, Source Water Protection Project
Project Sponsor: City of Crawford
Award Amount: $26,890

  • Infiltration gallery volumetric weir and recorder
  • Infiltration gallery and supplemental well field alarm dialer system
  • Installation of check-valves at the infiltration gallery and supplemental well field
  • Security fencing around the infiltration gallery and the supplemental well field
Project Name: Protect Our Water for Tomorrow
Project Sponsor: Beaver Lake Association
Award Amount: $57,200
  • Security fencing and security system around the water intake and water treatment facility
  • Source water protection signage within watershed, pamphlets, and an annual festival
  • Liftstation warning system to prevent contaminants from overflowing into the lake
  • Spill containment equipment
Project Name: Protecting Our Water for Our Citizens
Project Sponsor: City of Nelson
Award Amount: $24,750
  • Decommissioning of an inactive well
  • Lawn sampling kits and fertilizer recommendation materials
  • Nitrate soil sampling
  • Drop in transducers and water conservation rebates for low pressure showerheads and water-saving toilets
  • Educational materials including newsletters and fliers
Project Name: Source Water Protection Project
Project Sponsor: Village of Western
Award Amount: $12,000
  • Storm water drainage project
  • Abandonment of cisterns
  • Deep soil sampling
  • Submersible level transmitter to record and display drawdown in water level
  • Educational materials including fliers and published articles
Project Name: David City Recycled Water Project
Project Sponsor: City of David City
Award Amount: $33,000
  • Develop a process for treating wastewater to be used for irrigation of city property and agricultural land
  • Plant buffer zone to protect the west park lake against runoff
  • Public education through newspaper articles, web site development, public meetings, and seminars

Groundbreaking ceremony for David City’s water recycling project
Project Name: City of Albion Source Water Project
Project Sponsor: City of Albion
Award Amount: $3,295
  • Education on septic system maintenance and water conservation through brochures, newspaper articles and informational meetings
  • Water quality sampling equipment for high school biology class
  • Window grates and motion lights for all municipal wells
Project Name: Johnson Wells – Source Water Protection Project
Project Sponsor: Nemaha County Rural Water District #2
Award Amount: $16,130
  • Wellhead protection signage
  • Storm water drainage project
  • Security fencing and motion lights for both wells
Project Name: Improving the Water Quality and Usage in Allen
Project Sponsor: Village of Allen
Award Amount: $10,871
  • Fencing and berming around the well house and alarm system
  • Water meter for city hydrant to account for water losses
  • Hach colorimeter for nitrate testing
  • Laptop computer for maintenance of water data
Project Name: Source Water Protection Proposal for Kearney, NE, Platte River Well Field
Project Sponsor: City of Kearney
Award Amount: $17,770
  • Conduct a contaminant source inventory of the Wellhead Protection Area using GPS
  • Distribute educational materials specific to potential source of contamination
Project Name: City of Bayard, Nebraska – Source Water Protection Project
Project Sponsor: City of Bayard
Award Amount: $12,800
  • Development of a high school class to educate student on soil and water management practices
  • Installation of irrigation flow meters and cost-share for home study soils and irrigation courses
  • Deep soil sampling for nutrient management
  • Nitrate sampling of all domestic and irrigation wells within the WHPA
  • GPS unit and laptop computer for locating and mapping potential contaminant sources in the WHPA
  • Educational materials including brochures and newspaper publications