June 2019 Metrics Report

Emerging Issues/Risks
  • NDEE participated in a hearing on July 8, regarding whether the agency should revoke permits of Big Ox Energy of South Sioux City for permit non-compliance.  NDEE and Big Ox submitted a stipulation in which Big Ox agrees that the company will not operate until a permit decision is determined through this process.  NDEE confirmed that Big Ox has cleaned up digester solids that had been on site outside the building since December of 2018, and Big Ox and NDEE have agreed to a 60-day period to provide the hearing officer with any additional evidence, compliance assessments, updates and related information.  All information is to be submitted by Sept. 9, 2019.

  • NDEQ team members are moving into long-term flood recovery. Members of the waste section visited 70 counties and created a situation report for each. Some counties are slated for additional assistance as flood waters recede. NDEQ also assisted the Environmental Protection Agency with orphan container recovery. EPA recently completed this project July 1 and collected 2,250 containers displaced by the flood.
  • Effective July 1, NDEQ and the Energy Office have merged into the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy.  Extensive efforts have been made to reflect the new agency’s name, including updating of the agency website, updating letterhead, new guidance documents and other materials, and expanding social media outreach efforts.

  • On June 11, NDEQ conducted a public hearing and information session relating to a combustion ash landfill permit renewal at OPPD’s Nebraska City power plant.  The permit was modified to include two special permit conditions as a result of public comments received.