August 2018 Metrics Report

Emerging Risks / Issues:
  • Big Ox in South Sioux City continues to require an inordinate amount of attention and time for NDEQ staff. NDEQ is committed to resolving ongoing compliance issues.
  • A permit for operations at the Gering municipal landfill was renewed on August 14th. The permit contained conditions resulting from input from the public. In spite of the conditions, NDEQ continues to receive complaints on the landfill. Response to the complaints is ongoing.

  • The NDEQ Grow Nebraska team met with representatives of DED and explored the potential for DED to become a formal member of the NDEQ team. DED welcomed the opportunity and will participate in team meetings with the overall objective being to make compliance easy for the regulated community.
  • NDEQ has participated with local organizations and EPA to streamline the State Implementation Plan (SIP) approval process. SIPs are needed when NDEQs Air Quality Regulations are revised. Historically this was a multi-year effort due to inefficiencies of the process. All parties local, state and federal believe this effort will result in vast improvements to the existing SIP process.

Misc. Items of Note:
  • NDEQ staff attended a demonstration of transportation equipment utilized in shipping radioactive waste generated at national laboratories. The waste is shipped to Carlsbad, New Mexico and the I-80 corridor across Nebraska is a preferred route.
  • NDEQ staff participated in a Nuclear Regulatory Commission evaluated exercise involving a mock incident at the NPPD Cooper Station. The exercise provided NDEQ staff an opportunity to work with NEMA, DHHS Radiation Division and NDA, with whom we would be most involved in an actual event.