October 2017 Metrics Report

NDEQ has developed and implemented a program to reuse petroleum remediation equipment. Many states either sell the equipment for pennies on the dollar or, even worse, scrap the equipment. NDEQ warehouses the previously used equipment and makes it available for contractors to use on new sites. Through November 1st 2017, the program has resulted in the reuse of 683 pieces of petroleum remediation equipment – everything from air strippers and exhaust fans to complete trailer and containerized systems. The cumulative savings realized from avoiding the cost of purchasing new equipment is over $4.8 million.

Emerging Issues/Risks: NDEQ participated in a meeting sponsored by the Water Environment Federation and EPA Region VII to examine water quality issues confronting all stakeholders – local, state and federal regulators, municipalities, and consultants. The challenges posed by lake nutrient criteria, State Revolving Fund administration, permit backlogs, red tape reduction and community assistance efforts were a few of the topics discussed. Specific attention was given to the manner in which assistance is provided, and decisions made, in regard to small communities with diminishing populations and resources, which also face increasing environmental infrastructure demands.

Accomplishments: NDEQ hosted public meetings the week of October 16th on two important projects, the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund and the draft study examining NDEQ solid waste management programs required by LB 1101 (2017). Over 70 stakeholders attended the meetings and provided input that will be valuable in the preparation of the final products. NDEQ will public notice the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation plan at the end of November. There will be an additional 30-day public comment period. As required by LB 1101, recommendations on modernizing and revising NDEQ solid waste programs will be made to the legislature by December 15th.

Misc. Items of Note: On October 31st the NDEQ/NPPD Environmental Partnership hosted the 14th annual Power Summit conference. The Power Summit brings together state environmental regulators and Nebraska entities involved in the generation of electricity to discuss issues of mutual interest. Current challenges and emerging issues and technologies are jointly examined. An important facet of the Power Summit is increasing and improving communication between our organizations.