December 2020 Metrics Report

NDEE produces a monthly metrics report to measure what the agency has accomplished; to set annual and longer-term goals; and to examine these goals against accomplishments to ensure continuous process improvements.

Emerging Risks/Issues:
  • The Petroleum Remediation Program reported a calendar year 2020 revenue shortfall of $706,026 using a five-year revenue average. The program responded to the deficit by reducing the number of remediation sites activated. The revenue loss was due to COVID-19's impact on travel and a reduction of fees collected from gasoline and diesel sales, which source the Petroleum Release Action Cash Fund.

  • NDEE has moved into its new building in the Fallbrook area of Lincoln. Occupancy for the building was approved in early December and team members were orgnaized into groups to streamline moving and social distance; while some worked from home, others came into the office and unpacked.
  • The EPA has approved Springfield's Drinking Water Protection Management Plan, which was developed under the state Source Water Grant. This makes the plan eligible for federal 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Funds that can help with water protection efforts.
  • The Air Operating Permit section put Cargill's draft permit on public notice thorugh Jan. 11, 2021. This is the program's oldest application on backlog and Cargill's first operating permit. The Air Construction and Operating Permit sections currently have the lowest number of applictions on backlog since the program began in 1990.

  • The Environmental Quality Council (EQC) scheduled another meeting and public hearing on Jan. 27, 2021, via web meeting. NDEE proposes to amend the 2021 Intended Use Plan (IUP) to save money for communities who borrow through the Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Fund. The proposed amendment would allow NDEE to offer as low as 0% interest and 0% administration fees on new loans, should current economic conditions warrant such program changes, and provide additional loan forgiveness on new loans. The EQC approved previous amendments to the IUP, as well as the 2021 Litter Percent Allocations, in its Dec. 15 meeting.