September 2020 Metrics Report

NDEE produces a monthly metrics report to measure what the agency has accomplished; to set annual and longer-term goals; and to examine these goals against accomplishments to ensure continuous process improvements.

Emerging Risks/Issues:
  • Through August and September, NDEE and its partners continued to monitor smoke impacts caused by wildfires in the Western United States. The agency and the Department of Health and Human Services issued a joint smoke advisory in mid-September. These efforts are ongoing as wildfires continue.
  • The Air Construction Permit and Operating Permit Teams reported the lowest number of applications on backlog since 1990. The OP Team has reduced its backlog to 15 for applications that are over 18 months old, and the CP Team currently has two applications in backlog that are less than 30 days old.
  • Organizations submitted Waste and Litter grant applications through NDEE’s new online application process. Around 190 groups applied for the grant online, and the awards will be announced in December.
  • On Sept. 1, NDEE announced the Letter of Non-Compliance (LNC) as part of the Return to Compliance initiative. In the past, the agency issued several forms of correspondence that varied in severity when facilities were no in compliance with regulations. The LNC will be NDEE’s singular correspondence on violations to streamline the Return to Compliance Process.
  • The Director announced reorganization plans for the agency. The transition to the new organizational structure will begin Oct. 12 and will be fully effective Dec. 1.
  • NDEE staff are beginning preparation for the agency-wide move to its new location in the Fallbrook area on Dec. 1.