May 2021 Metrics Report

NDEE produces a monthly metrics report to measure what the agency has accomplished; to set annual and longer-term goals; and to examine these goals against accomplishments to ensure continuous process improvements.

• EPA Region 7 awarded the City of Lincoln an $800,000 multipurpose cleanup grant for an area south of the Haymarket. NDEE’s Brownfields program conducted soil sampling, delineated the extent of buried debris at the proposed community agriculture site and pledged an additional $50,000 to assist with cleanup. NDEE will also review all Environmental Site Assessments completed through the grant.

• Purple Air low-cost sensors have been installed at Homestead National Historic Park and NDOT site in Grand Island. The sensors expand NDEE’s PM 2.5 sampling network and provide accessible hourly data.

Emerging Risks/Issues:
• The Superfund/Voluntary Cleanup Program Section sampled private and public water supply wells near electroplating facilities in North Platte and Scottsbluff. One private drinking water well exceeded the EPA health advisory limit of 70 ppt for PFOA/PFAS, and another exceeded the VCP risk-based limit for hexavalent chromium. The wells will be resampled by an NDEE contractor.

• As of the end of May, 52 communities will take advantage of the 0% interest/0% administrative fees promotion through the State Revolving Fund. This includes both Clean Water projects and Drinking Water projects.

• The Environmental Quality Council is scheduled to meet in person on June 15 at Fallbrook. The agenda includes the 2022 State Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan and a brief on draft amendments to Title 129.

• NDEE and its partners have begun weekly sampling of 53 recreational public lakes across Nebraska for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) and E. coli bacteria. Testing takes place annually from May through September.

• Grants for the 2022 Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive, Litter Reduction and Recycling, and Scrap Tire programs can be submitted between July 14 and August 25. NDEE will announce grant determinations in December 2021.