October 2020 Metrics Report

NDEE produces a monthly metrics report to measure what the agency has accomplished; to set annual and longer-term goals; and to examine these goals against accomplishments to ensure continuous process improvements.

Emerging Risks/Issues:
  • NDEE staff members have been preparing to move from four office locations to a new single location in the Fallbrook area. The move will take place from Nov. 23 to Dec. 4.
  • NDEE, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA and water pollution control agencies of Montana and South Dakota received more than 61,000 public comments regarding the issuance of the KXL Pipeline 404 permit and 401 Water Quality Certifications (WQCs). NDEE team members are currently drafting the agency’s 401 WQC, which is the state’s certification of the Federal CWA 404 permit. NDEE can apply conditions to the federal permit to ensure construction won’t violate the state’s Title 117 Surface Water Quality Standards. NDEE’s 401 WQC is due Dec. 5, 2020.
  • The Petroleum Remediation Section saved $6,630 during September because of its decision to eliminate oxygenate sampling at State-led Petroleum Assessment Remediation Contract (SPARC) sites at the initial sampling event. These samples were collected from 2001-2019 to gather data on chemicals of interest. With 18 years of data, the section ended this sampling and, as a result, estimates $40,800 savings in annual costs.
  • The next Environmental Quality Council meeting has been scheduled for Dec. 15 at 1 pm. Agenda items will be the 2021 Litter Percent Allocation and Amendment to the 2021 State Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan. The meeting will be in person at the new building, and directed health measures will be followed. NDEE published a public notice on Oct. 23, and meeting materials are available on the agency website.