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206 Karrer St., McCook
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Class 3 RCRA Post Closure Permit modification
July 5, 2018
August 25, 2018


The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) is providing notice of its intent to approve a Class 3 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Post Closure Permit modification for the Van Diest Supply Company (Facility). The Facility’s NDEQ/EPA Identification Number is NER000500439, and the Facility is located at 206 Karrer Street, McCook, Nebraska.

The Facility is a hazardous waste site that has a post closure permit. The Facility has five (5) regulated units: 1) the East Property Line Unit; 2) the Former Soil Pile; 3) the Stained Soil Area; 4) the New Construction Area; and 5) the Drum Fill Area. The original Post Closure Permit was issued on April 22, 2013.

The facility requested to modify the Sampling and Analysis Plan, Groundwater Monitoring Plan, and Quality Assurance Project Plan in the approved Part B permit application. The facility public noticed the request from March 22, 2018 to May 21, 2018 for the changes in accordance with Title 128-Nebraska Hazardous Waste Regulations, Chapter 15, Section 012 requirements. The Department reviewed the permit modification request, and drafted changes to the permit conditions in the RCRA Part I Permit to be consistent with the permit modification request and the regulatory requirements.

The proposed RCRA Post-Closure Permit Modification Application, the proposed Post-Closure Permit Conditions and its administrative record are available for public review from July 11, 2018 to August 25, 2018 at:

NDEQ Office McCook City Library
The Atrium 802 Norris Ave
1200 N Street, Suite 400 McCook, NE 69001
Lincoln, NE 68509

Telephone inquiries for additional information may be made to Ms. Siew Kour at (402) 471-3386. Please notify NDEQ if alternate formats or materials are needed. Contact phone number is (402) 471-2186. TDD users please call (800) 833-7352 and ask the relay operator to call NDEQ at (402) 471-2186.

Within forty-five (45) days after the initial publication of this notice, persons may submit comments and/or request or petition the Director of NDEQ for a public hearing concerning the approval of the RCRA Post Closure Permit modification. Comments received during the forty-five (45)-day public notice period ending August 25, 2018 will be given consideration in the final decision concerning RCRA Post-Closure Permit Modification approval. A request or petition for a public hearing must state the nature of the issues to be raised and submit arguments and factual grounds supporting such a position. If a public hearing is granted by the director, the hearing will be public noticed for at least thirty (30) days prior to its occurrence. Comments and requests should be mailed to:
Mr. William C. Gidley, Supervisor
Waste Management Section
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 98922
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-8922