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Logan Valley Feeders, Inc.
NW 1/4, Section 19 & Pt. NW 1/4, Section 30, Township 22N, Range 09E and Pt. SW 1/4, Section 13 & Pt. NW 1/4, Section 24, Township 22N, Range 08E, Burt County
Oakland, NE
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NPDES Individual Permit for CAFOs Confining Cattle
August 21, 2018
September 24, 2018


Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Water Permits Division
Lincoln, Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (Department) is issuing notice to provide an opportunity for any interested person to submit written comments, objections, and/or hearing requests concerning the reissuance of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for the following concentrated animal feeding operation.
The Public Notice period will run from August 21, 2018 through September 24, 2018.

Larry Lechtenberg
Logan Valley Feeders, Inc.
1377 Highway 77
Oakland, NE 68045

The Department proposes to reissue an NPDES Permit for the operation located in the NW 1/4, Section 19 & Pt. NW 1/4, Section 30, Township 22N, Range 09E and Pt. SW 1/4, Section 13 & Pt. NW 1/4, Section 24, Township 22N, Range 08E, Burt County, Nebraska to prevent discharges. The permit reissuance would be for a period of up to five (5) years and would restrict pollutant discharges to comply with the requirements of Department regulations. The application for renewal includes a detailed nutrient management plan from which permit terms have been identified. (See Fact Sheet).

The draft permit, nutrient management plan, fact sheet and other public information are available for review and copying between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (CT), weekdays, excluding holidays at the Department's Office, Suite 400, The Atrium, 1200 N Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508-8922; Telephone (402) 471-2186; FAX: (402) 471-2909; or E-Mail: Individuals requiring special accommodations or alternate formats of materials should notify the Department by calling (402) 471-2186. TDD users should call (800) 833-7352 and ask the relay operator to call the Department at (402) 471-2186. Please include the above name and legal description of the concentrated animal feeding operation.

All comments received during the public comment period will be considered in the final decision for reissuance of the NPDES Individual Permit. A request for a public hearing must be submitted in writing, and must state the nature of the issues proposed to be raised at a hearing. A determination to hold a hearing will be based on factual environmental or regulatory considerations. All public comments and requests for hearings may be submitted in writing to: Agriculture Section, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, PO Box 98922, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-8922.