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Presentations from the 2019 Power Summit

The 2019 Power Summit, sponsored by NDEE and NPPD, was held in Lincoln on Oct.17, 2019. The Power Summit provides those in the power generating industry and those responsible for the implementation of the associated environmental regulations with an opportunity to exchange information related to power production, environmental policies, programs, and issues in Nebraska.

A primary objective of the Summit is to enhance the dialogue that has been established between the power industry and the associated regulatory agencies.

Below is the agenda from the summit, followed by the presentations that were made that day. NDEE and NPPD would like to thank all of the day's presenters for their time and efforts in supporting the Power Summit.

SizeFile Name
210 KB 2019 Power Summit Agenda.pdf
5,904 KB 1-NDEE Ddirector Jim Macy Comments.pdf
239 KB 3-Cooper - wind forecasting.pdf
2,782 KB 4-Dowben - Printable Solar Cells.pdf
1,607 KB 5-Cathey - Changing Generation Mix.pdf
383 KB 6-Gonzalez - Affordable Clean Energy Rule.pdf
826 KB 7-Swanson - NPPD Carbon Project-Monolith Update.pdf
1,944 KB 8a-Shkolnick-What's Up With EVs.pdf
1,208 KB 8-Smith-NDEE EV Charging Program.pdf
1,769 KB 9-JohnMcClure-Perspectives on State of Industry_Power Summit_JCM 101719.pdf