SLEIS: Online State and Local Emissions Inventory System Guidance
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Form #: 19-003 Guidance Documents Revised: 1/10/22

The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy is transitioning to a new online air emissions inventory submittal process. The new inventory program is called State Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) and is currently used by many state and local agencies across the nation.

Facilities will now be able to directly enter their emissions data online and make their annual submittals to the Department to satisfy reporting requirements. Use of the online system is required starting with the 2019 reporting period.

Several documents are attached above:
  • The SLEIS Facility Training Guide – The purpose of this document is to provide instruction in the use of the application of the State and Local Emissions Inventory System.
  • Lists of All Facilities Required to File a 2021 Emissions Inventory Report - Those lists include:
    • A PDF list by facility ID number;
    • A PDF list by Facility name;
    • An Excel list by facility ID number.

To use the new online system, go to the SLEIS online application page,*.

November 18 SLEIS webinar by Dave Brown

Video tutorials of how to use SLEIS:

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