Title 124 - Rules And Regulations For The Design, Operation And Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Chapter 21 - Revocation, Suspension or Refusal To Grant Certification

001 The Director may revoke or suspend a certificate, or refuse to grant a certificate, following opportunity for hearing, upon any reasonable ground including, but not limited to, the following:

001.01 Falsification of certification application.

001.02 Falsification of sworn affidavit for certification.

001.03 Violation of the rules and regulations of the Environmental Quality Council.

001.04 Violation of the Nebraska Environmental Protection Act.

001.05 The practice of fraud or deception.

001.06 Failure to submit a complete, valid certification application form.

001.07 Failure to submit required application fee.

001.08 Failure to successfully complete examination requirements of these rules and regulations.

001.09 Failure to perform requirements of these rules and regulations, including failure to register onsite wastewater systems.

001.10 Falsification of system registration information.

001.11 Failure to meet continuing education requirements required by these rules and regulations.

001.12 Failure to submit required registration fee.

001.13 Failure to submit required late registration fee.

001.14 Use of equipment capable of copying or reproducing the examination or use of telephonic or radio equipment, by the examinee, during the examination.

002 Violation of the above Section 001 may also result in a civil or criminal prosecution.

003 Notice of revocation or suspension action shall be issued by the director through certified mail to the affected certificate holder at that individual's last known address. That notice shall state the reason(s) for the action, the effective date of the action and the steps the certificate holder may take to contest the action.

004 Hearing procedures shall be pursuant to Title 115 – Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-15,249; §81-15,251; §81-15,253.

Legal Citation: Title 124, Ch. 21, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.