Title 123 - Rules And Regulations For The Design, Operation And Maintenance Of Wastewater Works
Chapter 9 - Construction of Wastewater Works
Effective Date of Last Revision: September 4, 2019

001 Construction will be in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. When changes to the approved plans and specifications are desired, the following types of changes will be submitted to the Department for review and approval:

001.01 Changes that affect the hydraulic or treatment capacity of a wastewater works.

001.02 Changes to the location or elevation of a wastewater works.

001.03 Changes that alter or modify a treatment process.

001.04 Changes to the method of discharging wastewater, to the discharge location, or that increase wastewater seepage into the ground.

001.05 Changes to the number of installed appurtenances (for example: manholes, diffusers, valves) from the number originally approved in the plans and specifications.

001.06 Changes to the type of mechanical equipment or to the materials specified.

001.07 Changes to the construction quality acceptance testing requirements for the wastewater works.

001.08 Changes to the pipe material, location, slope, or diameter of a sanitary sewer or wastewater piping system or the construction of additional sewers or pipes.

001.09 Changes that could increase the health or safety risk to utility workers or the public.

002 Projects receiving Wastewater Treatment Facilities Construction Loan Fund (commonly referred to as the State Revolving Fund) financing, under Title 131, Rules and Regulations for the Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Drinking Water Construction Assistance Programs will submit all change orders and addenda to the Department for review and approval.

003 Where changes, as listed in Chapter 9, 001, are made to the approved plans and specifications, a set of as-built or record drawings will be submitted for the Department’s records.

004 Upon completion of construction, a written statement from the design engineer or another professional engineer knowledgeable about the construction, will be submitted to the Department stating that construction has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-1504(10)

Legal Citation: Title 123, Ch. 9, Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy