Title 129 - Air Quality Regulations
Chapter 6 - Emissions Reporting: When Required
Effective Date of Last Revision: December 13, 2006

001 Every source subject to a permit requirement under Chapters 5 or 17 shall complete and submit to the Department an annual emissions inventory, if requested, on forms furnished by or acceptable to the Department by March 31, and shall include emission information for the previous calendar year. This requirement applies whether or not a permit application has been filed or a permit issued. The inventory form shall be certified in accordance with Chapter 7, section 008.

002 The annual emissions inventory form shall include the following information:

002.01 The source's name, description, mailing address, contact person and contact person's phone number, and physical address and location, if different than the mailing address.

002.02 A description of the existing (or proposed) facilities, modifications or operations including all processes employed; normal hours of operation; the nature and amounts of fuel and other materials involved; the probable nature, rate of discharge, and time duration of contaminant emissions; any such other information as is relevant to air pollution control and available or capable of being assembled in the normal course of operation; and, if required by the Director, ambient air quality and meteorological data.

002.03 The actual quantity of emissions, including documentation of the method of measurement, calculation or estimation, of:

002.03A Any single regulated non-hazardous air pollutant in a quantity greater than one ton.

002.03B Any single regulated hazardous air pollutant in a quantity greater than the reporting level listed in Appendix II or Appendix III.

002.03C Any combination of hazardous air pollutants in a quantity greater than 2.5 tons.

003 Actual emissions as defined in Chapter 1 shall be calculated using one of the following methods, as appropriate:

003.01 Any test method or procedure identified in Chapter 34;

003.02 Continuous emission monitor (CEM) data, provided that:

003.02A The CEM operation is, and has been for the reporting period, in compliance with all applicable requirements and applicable requirements under the Act;

003.02B The total operating time of the applicable emission unit and the CEM are included in the inventory report; and

003.02C The report includes an explanation of how the emissions were calculated using CEM data.

003.03 Any applicable method identified in the Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors, Volume I, Stationary Point and Area Sources, Fifth Edition;

003.04 Any applicable method identified in Factor Information Retrieval System Version 5.0 Source Classification Codes and Emission Factor Listing for Criteria Air Pollutants, EPA-454/R-95-012, August 1995; or

003.05 A material mass balance equation.

004 Except as otherwise provided in 003 above, any other test methods and procedures for use in determining actual emissions must be approved by the Director.

005 The Director may require the submittal of supplemental information to verify or otherwise assure the quality of emissions reported.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยงยง81-1504(1)(2); 81-1505(12)(16)

Legal Citation: Title 129, Ch. 6, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality