Title 124 - Rules And Regulations For The Design, Operation And Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Chapter 7 - Tank Construction Materials

001 A septic, holding, dosing, pumping, grease trap, or other tank used in an onsite wastewater treatment system shall be constructed of materials not subject to excessive corrosion or decay and shall be watertight. Acceptable tank construction materials are concrete, fiber reinforced plastic, high density plastic, and fiberglass.

002 When precast and cast in place reinforced concrete tanks are used they shall be properly cured and of watertight construction.

003 All concrete interior surfaces of a tank that are exposed to air shall be coated with a bitumastic or similar protective compound beginning at an elevation 3 inches below the normal effluent operating level to minimize corrosion and degradation of the concrete.

004 Concrete block and metal are not acceptable materials for new tank construction. When an existing system is being replaced, reconstructed, altered, or modified and there is an existing concrete block or metal tank that is part of the system, the tank must be inspected. The existing tank must be replaced with a tank meeting current requirements unless the existing tank is determined to be structurally sound and watertight.

005 The tank shall be designed to withstand soil pressures when empty and not collapse or undergo excessive deflection which would prevent the proper operation of the system, crack or distort components of the system such as the baffles, prevent proper sealing of lids over manholes and inspection ports, reduce capacity below the required minimum tank design capacity, or reduce the design working volume of the system.

006 All septic tanks shall be permanently marked to specify the capacity in gallons, manufacturer, and the manufacturer's address. The gallon and manufacturing identification label shall be located next to the manhole towards the inlet side.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง81-1505(8).

Legal Citation: Title 124, Ch. 7, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.