Title 123 - Rules And Regulations For The Design, Operation And Maintenance Of Wastewater Works
Chapter 10 - Abandonment of Wastewater Works
Effective Date of Last Revision: September 4, 2019

001 Wastewater works that are permanently removed from service will be abandoned in accordance with the regulations in this chapter.

002 Abandoned sanitary sewers or wastewater piping within an abandoned WWTF will have the pipe ends permanently capped or plugged to prevent small animals, vectors, or water from entering the pipes.

003 Abandoned manholes will have the inlet and outlet piping permanently plugged, have at least the upper three feet of the structure removed, and be filled with compacted soil.

004 The abandonment of wastewater lagoons will be completed in the following manner:

004.01 Abandoned lagoons will have the lagoon site re-graded to restore normal drainage to the area and prevent ponding.

004.02 The lagoons will be drained of water down to the sludge layer. The wastewater disposal method will be submitted to the Department and receive approval prior to disposal.

004.03 For lagoons that have received only domestic wastewater, a sludge layer less than six-inches thick may be buried on-site during re-grading of the lagoon dikes and the surrounding area. The sludge will be incorporated into the soil or receive at least one foot of cover material over the sludge layer.

004.04 Sludge amounts in excess of six inches will be removed from the lagoon site and disposed in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations.

004.05 Control structures will be removed to a least three feet below grade and filled with compacted soil.

004.06 Synthetic lagoon liners or covers will be removed from the site.

005 The abandonment of mechanical WWTF and pumping stations will be completed in the following manner:

005.01 The facility will be emptied of wastewater, grit, sludge, and other wastewater residues. All wastewater and solids will be disposed in accordance with applicable regulations.

005.02 Hazardous chemicals will be removed from the site.

005.03 Pumps, comminutors, blowers, and other mechanical equipment will be removed from the site.

005.04 The structure of manholes, wet wells, and other deep confined basins will be removed to at least three feet below grade and filled with compacted soil.

006 Monitoring wells located at WWTF will be properly abandoned according to NAC Title 178, Regulations Governing Water Well Construction, Pump Installation and Water Well Decommissioning Standards.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง81-1505(8)

Legal Citation: Title 123, Ch. 10, Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy