Title 124 - Rules And Regulations For The Design, Operation And Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Chapter 25 - General Provisions

001 Failure to comply with the requirements of these regulations may be grounds for administrative enforcement proceedings as provided in Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-1507, or penalties in proceedings brought in the discretion of the county attorney or Attorney General pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-1508.

002 If any clause, paragraph, subsection or section of these regulations shall be held invalid, it shall be conclusively presumed that the Environmental Quality Council would have enacted the remainder of these regulations not directly related to such clause, paragraph, subsection or section.

003 Any appeal from any final order or final determination of the Director shall be pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-1509.

004 Individuals may petition to amend or repeal these rules and regulations by petition in accordance with Title 115 - Rules of Practice and Procedure.

005 These rules and regulations shall become effective five days after filing with the Secretary of State.

006 Permits issued under these regulations are exempt from financial responsibility requirements contemplated in Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-1505(21) (a).

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Legal Citation: Title 124, Ch. 25, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.