Hazardous Waste: How do we manage it?

The generation and disposal of hazardous waste is a large concern for many communities in Nebraska. Sources of hazardous waste can come from all different types of locations, such as: dry cleaners, auto service stations, large industrial facilities … even our own kitchens and garages.

Businesses and industries are required to comply with stringent rules relating to hazardous wastes, because improper disposal can adversely impact the environment, and cleanup of hazardous waste sites can be costly and time consuming. Households are not held to these same stringent standards, because they generate much smaller amounts of hazardous wastes than businesses. However, the public should keep in mind that these household hazardous wastes can adversely impact the environment, and should be properly disposed of.

In fact, NDEQ provides waste grants to communities to conduct household hazardous waste collections, in order to provide the public a better alternative than sending their hazardous wastes to a landfill, or, worse yet, pouring it down the drain. To find out more about the types of waste grants that are available, go to the Financial/Distribution of Aid portion of this web site.


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