Permit-by-Rule - Section 2.0 - Asphalt Plants - Notice of Intent Form
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Form #:  07-280
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Revised: 9/2/14
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The Notice of Intent Form must be completed and submitted to NDEQ by asphalt plants requesting to be covered under the Permit-by-Rule.
Notice of Intent Form Instructions (above 07-280a.pdf)

Asphalt Plant Potential Emissions Spreadsheet (above 07-280b.xls)
This Asphalt spreadsheet is used to calculate the potential to emit from portable asphalt plants. This program was designed specifically to facilitate calculations for facilities wanting to be covered or already covered by the Permit-by-Rule developed for Asphalt Plants, however facilities that are not interested in the Permit-by-Rule may also use the spreadsheets. The program also is used by the NDEQ to create files that are easily inserted into a modeling simulation to determine compliance with the ambient air quality standards.

Relocation Notice (above 07-281.doc & 07-281.pdf)
Asphalt Plants covered by the Permit-By-Rule must submit this form to NDEQ 20 days prior to relocation of the plant.