NDEQ’s General Air Permitting Online Application Process
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Form #:  16-010a
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Revised: 12/19/16

In an effort to facilitate the permit application process, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) has created an online application process for some General Air Construction Permits. Because these permits have already gone through the entire permit application review process, facilities willing to comply with all the requirements in these permits can apply for coverage through an online process; reducing the permitting timeframe.

General Air Construction Permits available through the Online Application Process

Recent changes to Nebraska Title 129 – Nebraska Air Quality Regulations have allowed the Department to facilitate issuance of air construction permits through the creation of several general air construction permits. Currently, Air General Construction Permits are available for:
  • Aggregate Crushing and Processing Operations,
  • Batch Mix Hot Mix Asphalt Plants,
  • Drum Mix Hot Mix Asphalt Plants,
  • Emergency Engines (NSPS IIII Certified),
  • General Emergency Engines
  • Truck Mix Concrete Plants with Controlled Concrete Loadout, and
  • Truck Mix Concrete Plants with Uncontrolled Concrete Loadout.

Before applying for either one of the online air general permits, you must first register for an account. From your internet browser, go to the DEQ portal for registration and application authorization: https://ecmp.nebraska.gov/DEQ-AIR/*. Create a new user ID by following the instructions under NEW USERS on the right side of the screen.

Fill in the required information in order to create your account.

Once you have created your account, or if you already have an existing account, type in your User Name (user ID) and password to get started on the online questionnaire as to whether or not your facility can apply for a general air permit. NDEQ’s online permitting program does not have a means of reminding you what your User Name and password are. Be sure to record these so you have them for future applications.

Once you have begun the online process, your first step will be to choose which Air Quality General Construction Permit type you are wishing to apply for, what your unit types are, and whether this permit application is for a new or existing facility. You can also review the list of saved applications your facility may have.

You also need to indicate in your online application whether the permit is for an existing facility or a new facility.

You will need to click on “Yes” that in applying for the general permit, you are agreeing to follow the conditions laid out in the permit.

When you submit an air construction permit, you are required to submit the appropriate application fee, per Nebraska Title 129 – Nebraska Air Quality Regulations. The NDEQ online application process provides instructions for fee submittal. Payment must be received before the Department will begin reviewing the application.

Based upon the type of general permit being sought, you will be required to answer “yes” or “no” to a series of questions regarding your proposed project. If your answers to the series of questions posed by the online permitting process enable your project to fall under the guidelines of the general permit, you will be prompted to begin the application process for your permit.

Begin by filling out the required administrative information about your facility.

The information you will need to enter will fall under the general categories, laid out below.
  • Administrative information, including the facility name, Standard Industrial Classification * (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System * (NAICS) codes, and physical address and legal description *; if the facility will be within 50 miles of an adjacent state; the facility’s Universal Transverse Mercator * (UTM) coordinates; and the company’s name, mailing address, and whether the business is incorporated.

  • SIC and NAICS codes can be determined using OSHA and U.S. Census information, respectively. A legal description of your facility can most often by found searching the appropriate county’s property database. UTM coordinate information can be found by a variety of resources, and can be converted into latitude and longitude information, and vice versa. Click on any of the imbedded web links above to go to that resource tool to find the information you need.
  • Contact information, including the primary contact’s name and title, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address; and the responsible official’s name and title, and e-mail address.
  • Attestation of Citizenship, indicating if the application is being submitted on behalf of an individual.

Once you have filled out all the required administrative and contact information, you will have the opportunity to save your permit application up to that point.

Your incomplete application will be stored for up to thirty calendar days from the initial application creation. After thirty days, the application will be marked invalid and removed from the NDEQ system.

The next step in your online application process will be supplying the detailed project description for the proposed project. You may attach the required information as an image, Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel document.

Facility layout diagrams should also be uploaded, and should indicate the height and locations of all structures and property boundaries. You need to indicate what elements currently exist at the location, and what elements will be constructed as part of the project.

As your online application process is concluding, you will be given instructions on how to electronically sign for the permit application, as well as information on the application fee payment. Both a signature and fee payment must be received before the Department’s Air Quality Permitting Unit staff can begin their review.

You will be e-mailed notification you have a document that needs to be signed via DocuSign.

Click on ‘Review Document’ to electronically sign your permit application within DocuSign.

NDEQ staff are available to help you with any questions you may have pertaining to the permits, or assistance with the application process. Contact the NDEQ Air Quality Permit Hotline or the NDEQ Small Business and Public Assistance Coordinator for questions you may have.


Useful Websites:
  • NDEQ Air Quality Permit Hotline - (877) 834-0474
  • NDEQ Small Business and Public Assistance Coordinator - (402) 471-8697

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