Bazile Groundwater Management Area Plan
This information is provided by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to assist the public and regulated community.
Form #: 16-013 Reports Revised: 10/14/16

The Bazile Groundwater Management Area (BGMA) is affected by high levels of nitrates in the drinking water supply. All BGMA residents rely on groundwater as their drinking water source. The BGMA is located in northeast Nebraska and encompasses twenty one townships or 756 square miles (Figure 1). The BGMA lies within three counties: Antelope, Knox, and Pierce and parts of four Natural Resource Districts (NRDs): Lewis and Clark (LCNRD), Lower Elkhorn (LENRD), Lower Niobrara (LNNRD), and Upper Elkhorn (UENRD). Precipitation and irrigation runoff feed into three major river basins: Elkhorn, Missouri, and Niobrara as well as parts of three different groundwater regions: Sandhills, North-Central Tableland, and Northeast Nebraska Glacial Drift.