Welcome to NDEE’s Permitting Matrix
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Form #: 18-011 Guidance Documents Revised: 6/8/22

The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy continually works with businesses, industries and municipalities across the State of Nebraska to issue required permits and work with all entities to manage wastes and protect our shared environmental resources -- air, water, and land.

You could be a business entrepreneur considering options to open a new business in Nebraska. Or your company may be considering an expansion to an existing facility. Perhaps you need to install an emergency generator, incinerator, or boiler; or maybe you have a role as livestock producer, a wastewater operator, a regulatory professional, a student, a business consultant or a manager and are attempting to learn more about your business and environmental permits. Regardless of your role or industry, the permitting matrix is an initiative by NDEE to provide an online tool for gathering relevant permit information toward making compliance easy.

The Matrix
Inside the Matrix you will find links to guidance documents, program overviews, regulations, supporting NDEE web pages, and additional resources that are regional, state-wide or locally based, depending on your project or geographic area.

The Excel file may be downloaded to your computer, and we encourage you to check back for periodic updates and changes as we work to improve the Matrix resource.

In the Matrix, NDEE recommends starting with the introduction page that provides an overview of the questions you should ask to get started, as well as explanations for navigating the Matrix. NDEE welcomes and encourages your feedback on how we may improve the tool.

Potential Permits
Please remember, this tool is meant to be a resource to help you examine potential permits issued by the NDEE, which may apply to your operations.

Suggestions may be sent to NDEE.moreinfo@Nebraska.gov. Please include “Matrix Feedback” in the subject line of your email to be routed correctly.

If you have specific questions about how the permits discussed within affect your particular circumstances, please contact the NDEE's Small Business and Public Assistance Coordinators at (402) 471-8697.