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Environmental Quality Programs Specialist II
Environment and Energy
245 Fallbrook Blvd., Lincoln NE
084-12186 / 60003012
Full-time Permanent
$22.66 -  Hourly
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM -- Monday thru Friday

Under general supervision of Agency Legal Counsel, develop and coordinate proposals for regulations regarding the application of environmental laws to regulated entities and agency program staff, including promulgation of environmental regulations affecting air, land, and water, guidance documents, and related materials. This position will work with attorneys and technical employees in a team environment. Activities include (1) reviewing federal and state laws, regulations, guidance, and other informative documents; (2) writing, editing, and revising agency regulations, technical guidance, proposed legislation, and other related documents; (3) analyzing and preparing reports, technical papers, and correspondence; (4) using advanced statistical, economic, and computer skills in conjunction with assigned tasks; and (5) meeting with federal, state, and local government representatives, the regulated community and the public to explain agency proposals.

• Review Federal Register notices, federal and State regulations, EPA guidance documents and memorandums, professional journals and trade magazines to keep abreast of emerging regulatory issues.

• Meet and engage with agency, federal, state and local government representatives and other interested stakeholders to share information and ideas about emerging issues and potential regulations under the supervision of agency legal counsel and senior management.

• Develop strategies and proposals to implement environmental regulations and programs for use in the state in as efficient and effective a manner as possible using computer technology and alternative methods to inform the regulated community in addition to regulations. Contact other state’s regulatory or program officials for data, information, and examples to use in developing agency strategies and proposals and for comparison.

• Analyze data, statistics, charts and tables to prepare reports, technical papers and other memorandum to support and advise senior agency management regarding regulatory proposals.

• Writes, reviews, and revises regulations, technical guidance, and proposed legislation as assigned to establish state standards in response to state legislation, requirements of federal regulations, and in consideration of the positions of the professional community and interested agency stakeholders.

• Participate in and conduct outreach in coordination with agency program staff to interested stakeholders as assigned.

• Prepares written explanatory materials to accompany agency regulatory proposals to be presented, and assists programs in preparing and making presentations, to the Environmental Quality Council.

• Assist agency legal counsel in preparing regulatory review and approval documents in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act.

• Testify at hearings and attend meetings on regulatory and other related matters as may be assigned.

• Examines and processes forms, documents, and reports and respond to requests and inquiries, related to regulatory activities.

• Enters, updates, and retrieves current and archival regulatory data, files, records, and documents within hard copy or electronic databases or other record keeping systems; maintains tracking, inventory, or other records as needed, and prepares reports of information gathered as assigned.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor of Science Degree in the physical sciences, natural sciences, environmental science, geology, biology, agronomy, civil engineering, environmental engineering or a related field consistent with the duties of the position, including soil science, chemistry, geology, hydrology, limnology, biology, statistics, technical writing, resource planning and computer programming field AND one year of full-time professional experience in a related field, consistent with the duties of the position.

*Experience may be substituted for education on a year for year basis

PREFERRED: Experience in regulatory and economic analysis; good writing and speaking skills; computer skills.

OTHER: Valid driver’s license or the ability to provide independent transportation; regular and reliable attendance in agency’s Lincoln office.

Knowledge of: The principles of environmental law and regulation and basic understanding of ecology, geology and hydrology; biological, physical and chemical sciences; statistical and analytical methods; word processing, spreadsheet and database management computer software. Knowledge of the principles of law and regulation in a comparable area of science may also be considered.

Skill in: technical writing, drafting regulations, and communicating with individuals and groups with varying technical backgrounds to collect and relay information; listening to and understanding others; prioritizing workloads; using analytical judgment to make decisions; public speaking and providing presentations. Good grammatical and analytical skills are important.

Ability to: learn and apply local, State and federal environmental laws, regulations and standards; writing and drafting regulations and explanatory and supportive materials; learn, apply and uphold agency policies and procedures; establish and maintain effective working relationships with public and private officials and with the general public; organize, analyze and interpret data to draw conclusions and prepare reports and technical papers; and use computers and other tools for data storage and analysis and presentation of information.

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