Focus On Land & Waste
Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program Flyer

Several measures can be used to prevent illegal disposal from occurring. In some cases, efforts must be increased to prevent on-going illegal dumping. The following list contains methods which may be helpful in creating an awareness that illegal dumping is not acceptable and prevent on-going illegal dumping from continuing. If you use a particular method which has reduced illegal dumping, please share it with others.

Post No Dumping Signs

Restrict Access by Erecting Fences, Locking Gates,
or Closing Roads Popular for Dumping

Publicize Initiatives for Enforcement of Violators

Successfully Prosecute Violators

Provide Education through Schools, Bill Boards,
Public Service Announcements

Encourage Reporting of Illegal Dumping Activities

Determine Cause of Dumping and Implement
Preventive Measures Targeting the Cause