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Avian Influenza Workshop Information

NDEE and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture are members of an informal multi-state, multi-agency group that organized the Heartland Avian Influenza Workshop, which was held August 11-12, 2015 in Nebraska City.

Numerous documents related to the workshop agenda are listed below, including the agenda (A), presentations (P), notes (N) and other materials (O). NDEE also intends to post videos of the workshop on this site.

Workshop participants are also invited to submit additional materials for this shared web page, which will be updated on a regular basis.

Updated information: March 7, 2017

The USDA provides updated information regarding Avian Influenza, with links to related resources, at their web site at*

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Links to videos of the conference are provided below, divided into the morning and afternoon sessions of Aug. 11 and 12. The audio is missing in the first few minutes of the Aug. 12 morning video.
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Documents related to the workshop agenda are listed below




(O)ther materials

SizeFile Name
563 KB A - Agenda.pdf
714 KB P - Background and Current Status of Avian Influenza – WI.pdf
273 KB P - 2015 HPAI Outbreak in Iowa.pdf
666 KB P – Handling Livestock Emergencies – KS.pdf
800 KB P – Minnesota HPAI Response.pdf
536 KB P - Fall Planning for HPAI.pdf
4,200 KB P – Composting AI Mortalities.pdf
3,058 KB P- Livestock Composting in Emergencies.pdf
2,446 KB P – Dixon 1-5 HPAI Response.pdf
6,385 KB P – Iowa Avian Influenza.pdf
1,988 KB P – Permitting and-or Approval in Emergencies.pdf
3,820 KB P - BMP Photos NE.pdf
200 KB P – BMPs for Livestock Emergencies KS.pdf
700 KB P – Movement of Impacted Materials.pdf
358 KB P – Federal Agency Assistance.pdf
305 KB N – WORKSHOP Notes – DAY 1.pdf
255 KB N – WORKSHOP Notes – Day 2.pdf
338 KB N - Easel Notes.pdf
120 KB O – Avian Influenza – Landfill Outreach IA.pdf
3,591 KB O – Bio-Zip Sealable Liner.pdf
2,011 KB O – Cornell – Composting Poultry Mortality.pdf
374 KB O – Special Waste Acceptance Criteria - IA.pdf
193 KB O – HPAI Frequently Asked Questions - IA.pdf
409 KB O – NebGuide – Composting Manure and Other.pdf
1,772 KB O – NebGuide – Manure Testing for Nutrient Content.pdf
311 KB O – Common Incident Command Center Situations.pdf
33 KB O - Trench Sizing Worksheet.xls
130 KB O- Preselection of Emergency Livstock Site - KS.pdf
60 KB O- Disposal Options for LQ Dead Animals - KS.pdf
37 KB O - Disposal Options for SQ Dead Animals - KS.pdf
11,134 KB O - SF494-landfill indemnity IA.pdf
20 KB O - Mortalitydisposalplantemplate.docx
25 KB O - Mortalitydisposalplantemplate-a.pdf
1,739 KB FMD Carcass Movement RA Final UMN CAHFS 021814.pdf